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As if the gender pay gap wasn’t enough to keep us from earning our potential, the last thing we need is the person we’re in a relationship with discouraging us from aiming for the stars.

So when a woman overheard a blood-boilingly misogynistic exchange between a couple, she couldn’t help but take to Twitter. Not only did she entertain us and herself by live tweeting the argument, she also highlighted that in 2017 this repressive behaviour still exists.

Twitter user @mzbat was minding her own business while waiting to board her flight in an airport when a conversation between a man and a woman close by piqued her interest.

In her first tweet, she explains that the couple are discussing the woman’s new job offer, one which would increase her pay – a fact that her boyfriend was not okay with, at all. 

@mzbat recounts how the conversation escalated until the man began emotionally manipulating his girlfriend to turn down her new opportunity, because being with someone that earned more than him would be “humiliating”. Eventually, she was reduced to tears and left explaining that she would “never do anything to jeopardise their relationship”.

In an argument that sounds like it’s straight out of the 1950s, @mzbat reports that he claimed there was no point in his partner taking on a new higher paid role because “once they’re married and have kids she wouldn’t be working anyway”.

Voicing what we’re all thinking at this point, our Twitter hero expresses her disbelief, saying ” I can’t believe this is 2017”. Neither can we. 

But if you thought this was going to be simply another sorry tale of female oppression, you’re wrong. 

In answer to her boyfriend’s presumptions about their future together, “Brave Airport Lady” (as @mzbat named her) fired back a cutting blow that we reckon he’d never even considered. 

Wiping away her tears, she asked him: “Kids? who said anything about me ever wanting kids?!” 

Not stopping there, she stormed out of the airport, throwing her boarding pass in her (we presume now ex) boyfriend’s face and goes on to (we imagine) waltz into the sunset, free to accept any fantastic career prospects that come her way. 

Ending her Twitter thread of glory, @mzbat wrote a small open letter to the woman she had been observing, encouraging her to “Never settle. Follow your heart” and heralding her a “goddess”. Here, here.

Many of @mzbat’s 24,000 followers were gripped by the interaction, following the story avidly. 

Unfortunately, in what you could say is another example of men failing to understand the issues women are faced with, several male Twitter users refused to believe the scenario could be real. 

One Twitter user named James, said he would “add this to my big book of things that never happened”.

Similarly, another social media user named Joel, wrote, “The only even vaguely improbable part of this is the happy ending”.

Many female Twitter users disagreed, and for good reason too. Many of them had very similar stories to share, showing how possible a conversation like this really is.

Defending the story, a Twitter user called Katherine said, “Except I was the woman in that scenario in real life, just without the dramatic public airport conversation. That’s why I do believe it.”

Twitter user Azie hit the nail on the head, saying, “Its interesting to me that the only people who don’t believe this story are men. Women believe it because most of us have known a man (or two or three) exactly like this.”

We can’t guarantee if this story is absolutely true or not, but we do know that it’s not an unbelievable scenario. So here’s to Brave Airport Lady, may she go on to kick her career’s ass (and that guy’s too if he comes asking for forgiveness).

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