Women gloriously roast a man who can’t believe periods happen at night

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Megan Murray
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This Twitter thread highlights the bloody truth: men still don’t know enough about periods. Luckily, there’s some brilliantly funny women out there to point out why this is so ridiculous. 

We’ve long thought that education around the menstrual system is severely lacking, with both girls and boys being left unprepared to understand how the female body works. It’s a confusing subject that can leak into adulthood, although obviously most women have taken it upon themselves to learn what’s happening every month, and why, by then.

For men however, it’s not such a necessity, meaning their knowledge on the whole period thing can be a bit of a shambles. This became particularly apparent to one Twitter user when texting a guy who couldn’t quite get his head around how she could have woken up to a bloody surprise, having started her period overnight. 

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Twitter user @farahgamo posted a screenshot of a text message conversation on social media, captioning it simply: “Men amaze me.”

The conversation shows her telling said man “I woke up in period blood which is always fun!” – no doubt a sarcastic nod to one of the many joys of the female reproductive system. Utterly confused he replies: “How does that even happen.”

Unimpressed by his question, she reiterates: “Umm… I got my period overnight?” This where things go to a whole new level of bad. 

Instead of taking the opportunity to be better educated on the female body, he calls her “crazy” for expecting him to “know how periods work.” It feels like he’s reinstating an archaic thought process that periods are an alien or shameful and should be hidden from men, not to be spoken about. A notion that is not healthy, and not progressive. 

Putting him back in his place, our triumphant Twitter user hits back: “You’re TWENTY FOUR and you DON’T KNOW THAT VAGINAS BLEED?”

At which point he calls her “dumb” and attempts to save face by saying that as “the body shuts down over night” he didn’t think getting a period was possible. Someone hand this man a biology textbook. 

Not only did the woman brilliantly call him out for calling her dumb and the idea that “our uterus waits for us to wake up,” but she also helpfully shared the conversation for all to see, not only supplying us with a much-needed chuckle, but giving the women of Twitter the chance to give him a good roasting, too. 

Our favourite response came from a Twitter user Lisa, who says: “Yes. It is true. When we sleep, our breathing comes to a complete stop and our hearts stop beating. Our soul is then transfered to the cloud where we have our dreams stored. Your body will know when it’s time to get up and will call your soul back. The human body is amazing.”

Another shared another anecdote, writing: “My sister has an ex that though we only bled when we went to pee!”

Which, in turn, encouraged a flood (sorry) of other hilariously similar stories, which we’re gonna leave right here for you:

Had this man admitted that he could stand to know more about the reproduction of our species, we think we could get over the sleeping uterus logic. But calling a woman dumb and crazy for you’re own ignorance? He deserves all the Twitter roasting he gets. 

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