Two minute relaxation challenge

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You are having the mother of busy days at work when you are told to drop everything and do absolutely nothing for two minutes. Think you could?

The 'Do Nothing For Two Minutes' website invites you to do just that - and, trust us, it’s harder than it sounds.

Looking at the site’s image of the sea at sunset and listening to the lapping waves will supposedly relax you and help to reduce work-related stress. Move your mouse or keyboard before your chill-out time is up and the word FAIL will flash up in red.

It’s not exactly a trip to the Maldives, but the site’s premise is backed by a study conducted by the University of Connecticut. The results revealed that taking two minute breaks four times a day has the same calming effect as 15 minutes of progressive muscle relaxation sessions.

Feel up to the challenge? Click on the link below to check out the Do Nothing For Two Minutes vid and get ready for a stress-free, happier you.