#UberIceCream: You can get free ice lollies delivered to you today

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Kayleigh Dray

The sun is shining, there’s a new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer  to enjoy, and the weekend is almost upon us.

In short, it’s a pretty idyllic Friday here in the UK.

However, in a bid to lift our spirits even further, Uber have decided to up the ante with free ice creams.

Yup, #UberIceCream day is back.

The taxi service have teamed up with POPS to bring ice lollies to your exact location – and they come in two delicious summery flavours.

You can try something crisp and fresh, in the form of an Apple & Elderflower pop, or, if you have a sweeter tooth, there’s always the fruity Strawberry & Mint.

Okay, so they’re not exactly ice creams per se – but #UberIceCream has been around for a few years now, and they’re not prepared to kick aside an established name like that.

If your day would be brightened by a free ice lolly (and, let’s face it, whose wouldn’t?), then you need to download the Uber or UberEATS app.

Once you’ve made an account, you just need to send your location and request ‘ICE CREAM’.

If your request is successful, four – that’s right, four - frosted treats will be delivered right to your door in a matter of minutes.


The offer is available in for UK residents in London, Windsor, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton, Merseyside, Portsmouth, Leicester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff, and Belfast.

However, while you can make your request at any time between 11am and 7pm today (Friday 12 August), supplies are limited, so you’ll probably want to place your order as early as possible.

If you aren’t successful at first, you just need to follow the age-old adage of ‘try and try again’.

After all, Uber have promised that they will try to deliver as many ices as they can between the allotted time slots.

However, while the majority of us are very excited about this scheme, some pedants are a little upset about the false advertising.

We guess they have a point.


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