Ultimate Instagram tips: Lena Dunham's favourite photographer Autumn de Wilde shares her tricks

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Introduction from Lena Dunham: “Autumn de Wilde is an incredible photographer; the way she sees the world is this combination of whimsy and darkness. She takes a photo on her phone and it is more beautiful than anything you will ever see in your life, so I asked her to share her Instagram tips.”

If you’re one of Autumn de Wilde’s 29,720 Instagram followers (@officialautumndewilde) you’ll know that the 43-year-old New Yorker gives good picture. With a feed including everything from portraits of celebrities to photos of, err, llamas, it’s no surprise she was Lena’s photographer of choice for her Stylist cover. She’s also responsible for the portrait on the back of Lena’s new book of essays Not That Kind Of Girl as well as her 2012 cover for New York Magazine and a (clothed) feature for Playboy last year. “If I can be part of Autumn’s work in any way, it’s thrilling,” says Lena. “I’m just a prop in what she does.” During the Stylist photo shoot, De Wilde revealed her top tips for achieving the perfect Instagram image…  

Tip 1: Mix up your angles

“If someone’s selfies are at the same angle every time, I sense dishonesty and it turns me off. For a selfie, look at what’s around you – have some other detail in the shot. And it’s OK to look old or tired or frumpy, as long as you’re not dead in the eyes.”

Tip 2: Step out of the limelight

“Don’t be in the photo all the time. We’re animals and if we sense that someone is only thinking of themselves, we know they won’t protect us in the hunt [laughs]. And if you’re consumed with the reaction your photo will get, you’ll create bad work.”

Tip 3: Know your filters

“I often choose Valencia because it fades the image a little but not so much that it’s a style you notice – I don’t like the supersaturated stuff. Also, black and white makes for a more emotional photo because it separates you from reality – it feels like an observation.”

Tip 4: Don't be obvious

“I’m a big fan of photographer Robert Frank who said, ‘If you think you’ve found a photo, try taking a walk around it first.’ You might see a group of people all fixating on one thing and the funniest photo you can take is one of everyone taking a photo instead of talking to each other.”

Images: @officialautumndewilde on Instagram

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