Under Her Eye review: Bridget Jones's Diary

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As part of Stylist’s Under Her Eye initiative, we’re on the hunt for three new female film critics. We asked aspiring reviewers to send in a 450-word review of their favourite film – and after an overwhelming response, we’ve whittled it down to a shortlist of 20. 

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Bridget Jones Diary has not only made its home on my Sky planner, but my cold heart. From her wispy hair, to her awful dress sense (skirt demonstrably off sick for real), and those enormous pants, Bridget is my Queen. Yes, my taste is basic to film buffs, but to me nothing warms me cockles like a well done rom-com. Thank you Richard Curtis.

We are introduced to 30 something Bridget, played so well by Renee Zellweger, at her parent’s annual turkey curry buffet on New Year’s, yum. There her mum sets her up with uptight Barrister Mark Darcy, played by the original Darcy Colin Firth, who is divorced from his ‘cruel raced’ Japanese wife, insert laughing emoji. What gets me about this film is how real it is. Starting from Bridget and how she tries to come across as busy and interesting to Darcy during their meet cute (yes, I love The Holiday also), to her body hang-ups that makes her so relatable, her ill-timed verbal diarrhoea and her want to make a positive change in her life with her trusty diary.

Enter Cleaver, Daniel Cleaver to f**k it all up. Never did I know charmingly fumbling Hugh Grant from Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually could play such a t**t. Granted, he gives Bridget a moral boost after Arsey Darcy’s putdown and seemingly loves her ginormous pants. But aha, this would not be a rom com without heartbreak. And boy does Bridget get crushed by the serial liar that encompasses everything she explicitly wanted to avoid. Poor Bridget.

But fear not, Bridget’s brigade are here to the rescue. From journalist Shazza, who brings home every point with the use of ‘F**K’, needy professional Jude who can’t get her invisible boyfriend to commit, and one hit Eighties wonder Tom who is set for hook-ups long before Grindr. No rom-com would be complete without them, wanting you to find ‘the ONE’ to moaning when you kinda have.

Listen, there is no way I can express how much this film is loved by me and my family. The soundtrack is phenomenal. The list of iconic quotes we bandy about to one another ceaseless, Shazza’s ‘you look so F**KING THIN’ coming at a strong number one, to Pamela’s ‘Just stir it Una’, and the ultimate line, Darcy’s ‘I like you, just as you are’. It gets me every time.  

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