Why these once-trendy baby names are dying out in 2018

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Some baby names are climbing the popularity charts, while others are on the way out…

There were 679,106 babies born in England and Wales in 2017. In short: that’s a lot of babies who required a name. 

Some people already know from an early age what name they’re going to gift to their child, while others ponder back and forth on it for nine months. Either way, it’s no easy feat.

While other people like to name their child after themselves or a member of their immediate family which is why sometimes, just sometimes, keeping an eye on names that are rising in popularity and others that are, well, being shown the back door can be a good source of inspiration. 

Thank goodness then for parenting website Bounty’s latest survey, which has noted the names that are no longer making the grade. Did your name make the cut? Then congratulations, you are in possession of what is now a very rare monicker… 

The girls’ name set for extinction 

1. Cecelia

2. Bridie

3. Bonny

4. Cecily

5. Mimi

6. Aubrie

7. Mika

8. Roxanne

9. Alora

10. Kourtney

The boys’ names set for extinction     

1. Jago

2. Macauley

3. Leroy

4. Guy

5. Fabio

6. Soren

7. Arnold

8. Carl

9. Ivor

10. Marcos

In a similar study this year, BabyCentre found different names that hadn’t been registered at all during 2017 including Ian, Mildred, Edna and Gus.

Go against the grain and opt for a name that’s on its way out.

If you’re looking for more baby name inspiration you’ll find it here.

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