Organise your social life, chores and fitness plans with the new apps and websites for the time-strapped woman

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City life can be overwhelming.

We don't have the time or head space to figure out what to wear in the morning, let alone the energy to juggle friends and dates AND keep fit and organised on top of it all.

Luckily, the world of tech is here to help. 

Ingenious minds have been quick to latch onto the quandaries of modern life, and provide solutions in the form of nifty on-demand service apps, and innovative dating and network sites designed to cut through the anonymity and noise of urban living.

We round up six of the best, most original new digital services that have created waves in the past few months. From the UK's first pay-as-you-go personal training service to an online relationship therapy forum, get set to streamline your city life at the swipe of a screen: 

Thinking Bob

Thinking Bob is the new friendship equivalent of a dating site and touts itself as "a bit like London's village pub".

A London-based online and real-life community, it aims to draw city folk together with around 50 innovative social events every month. These "signature socials" are designed to appeal to all range of interests, and cover everything from murder mysteries and escape rooms (where you puzzle your way out of a locked room), to debate dinners, treasure hunts and good old-fashioned pub quizzes. 

The idea is that, like a dating site, you create a profile with a £1 joining fee (then £15 a month after that). As a confirmed "bobber", you get access to a calendar of upcoming socials and can attend any, as well as creating your own events. Every time you meet someone you get along with, you can add them to your social circle area within your account. 

"Our in-house and hand-picked events are unique; if you like what we do and the socials appeal to you then you’ll find new friends here," the website says. "Our clever formula connects people based on personality, not just shared interests and it works."

Great Little Place app

Great Little Place (GLP) is a ground-breaking new digital guide for discovering and sharing hidden gems around you. Think of it as "a curated one stop shop of unusual things to do and remarkable places to go to".

It launched last month with 4,000 suggestions in 40 cities across the world and 24 in the UK (including Bristol, Manchester, London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Belfast and more). The strength of an app like this depends on how bigger an audience it can access, and GLP prepared the ground well by amassing one million followers on social media, and 50,000 in London, before launch. 

The app works to weave together everyone's little black book in each city. It filters search results to show only the great and unique restaurants, bar or exhibitions (based on user recommendations) near you, meaning that in theory you should never come across a boring or substandard place again.

Its layout is like Tinder, in that you swipe right to add a recommendation to your shortlist, or left to bin it, if it's not quite right for you.

"It's all about curation and things with character, unlike the usual mainstream stuff you find on other sites or apps," says Rossa Shanks, founder of Great Little Place. "Charming, unforgettable and individual is the order of the day."


On-demand fitness apps have been all the rage in the US for the past year or so, and TruBe is the first of its kind to bring the formula  to the UK.

It launched officially in London last month and offers flexible and on-demand personal training sessions from £65 a go.

The booking mechanism is pay-as-you-go - there's no joining fee or charges for extra people, so you can split the cost with a group of friends if you want to. 

All you need to do is download the app and pick a time, place and type of workout. Then pay via the app, meet your trainer and they'll bring everything you need. The app just works in London right now, but may extend to other cities depending on demand. 

"If you need three sessions a week to stay motivated, we’ll help you fit it in. If you just want a monthly catch up, our trainers will keep you on track," the team says. "If you’re looking to make workouts more affordable, you can share the cost of a session with friends. We believe everyone can live well and feel great with personal training that complements their schedule and budget." 


Pickle is an odd jobs service app launching in London within the next month that pitches itself next to the likes of Task Rabbit and Bizzby.

It aims to connect people "in a pickle" who are willing to pay for help with locals in their area who are willing to lend a hand on-demand.

The "fixers" accept jobs, negotiate a price and receive payment all through the app. The app comes with an integrated rating system that allows users and fixers alike to evaluate each other on job completion, based on factors such as expertise, honesty and reliability. 

As well as comprehensive safety and engagement features, the real beauty of this app is in the scope of tasks it will offer. Fixers really can do everything from picking up a sandwich at lunch to sewing on a button, helping with handyman jobs around the house, recruiting a DJ for your house party or completing a boring work presentation.

Available on iPhone and Android



This new website provides personal love-life coaching by relationship experts, in the comfort of your own home. 

With the rise and rise of dating sites, the folks behind BeLoveCurious (BLC) see no reason why people shouldn't seek out relationship advice digitally too.

The site offers easy online booking and Paypal transfers for sessions with relationship experts on Skype or via phone. Face-to-face coaching is also available, with the first set to securing it engineered via website.

The professionals on offer will talk about any issue that is making you curious as to why love isn't working for you - whether that's flirting, dating, sex or beyond.

"All our coaches are accredited, experienced and Relate-trained relationship professionals who are passionate about what they do," they say. "BLC coaches understand that everyone has a unique lovelife story and that taking a personalised approach is what really gets our clients the results they want. We don’t follow a script, or offer the kind of generic relationship advice you generally find online." 

Those interested in trying out the service can get a free 15-minute taster session with their coach of choice, or buy sessions in bulk.

Antidote London

The folks over at this London-based society are all about recognising the importance of play.

They know we, as Londoners, spend our lives drowning in stress, annoying little worries and general weariness - and their answer is to create a series of activity classes that encourage people to shake off the day and get back in touch with their playful side.

These sessions cover everything from African drumming to old-school games and Grease singalongs. You don't need any experience to join in; just rock up with an open mind and a willingness to join in.

"We aim to steer people towards a more joyful life through our marvellous events, online presence and our creative collaborations," they say. "Every workshop is followed by a chinwag in the pub across the road."

Classes cost £10 a go, or you can buy a drop-in guest pass for any of the 12 sessions that take place per season.

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