Everyone's obsessed with these sell-out Urban Outfitters Home pieces

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Megan Murray
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When it comes to pretty things we want, our wish lists know no bounds.

And with the amount of incredible décor-inspo filling up our Instagram feeds lately, we’ve been pressing ‘save’ on more dreamy rooms than you could shake a throw cushion at.

String lights and wall hangings have been creeping their way up our pay-day Pinterest boards – with one shop more responsible than most for giving us homeware hysteria.

Urban Outfitters gets a thumbs up from us on all counts, but their home section has recently upped its game. We already knew that no mere mortal could resist the temptation of a tiny cactus – but as it turns out, succulents aren’t one of the shop’s bestselling products.

That’s right, we’ve got the inside scoop on the bestselling and newest homeware items at Urban Outfitters. As you’re a bunch that like to be in the know, here’s a heads-up on this season’s most popular pieces – sure to make you the envy of all your pals come your next gathering.

The Crosley lilac cruiser record player

Is there anything more soothing, and let’s face it, achingly cool, than chilling in your bedroom with your mates while the resonant sounds of a vinyl float through the air? It’s an image that can be made even cooler when imagining that said vinyl is playing on a lilac record player, fulfilling all your pastel-coloured decor cravings. Urban Outfitters is now famed for its multi-coloured stock of Crosley record players, but in our opinion, this one takes the crown. 

And when you’re not jamming to some no-doubt very trendy and undiscovered artists, you can simply pop the small case shut and tidy it away safely from the sticky fingers of your flatmates. Exclusive to Urban Outfitters, this design is also compatible with blue tooth, giving you a vintage look but with all the mod cons – how handy! 

Crosley Lilac Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player, £89,

The GRL PWR tapestry

It goes without saying that we couldn’t be more behind this cotton, tapestry-style, wall hanging. Thanks to this soft furnishing, the writing is quite literally on the wall. There’ll be no room for misinterpretation of your feminist views with this beauty hanging proudly in your bedroom and the gorgeous design doesn’t hurt either. We particularly love the sketch-book style illustrations of the female form that decorate it.

GRL PWR Tapestry; £35,

The Reema printed back cushion

Recline to your heart’s content on this snuggly-looking seat cushion. It has all the benefits of an actual cushion (we’re talking off the chart comfy levels) but the socialising ease of a sofa. We see it as the perfect addition for a bedroom that’s got a smidge of extra space, especially if you’re sharing a house with others and dream of creating your own recreational area in the privacy of your room. 

Personally we can’t get enough of this creamy design, but rest-assured there’s more than one colour-way if this isn’t your favourite. Those who are really creative could give mixing and matching a try, as the two piece seat cushion design comes apart and looks top knotch paired with a contrasting pattern. 

Reema Printed Back Cushion; £110, urbanoutfitters,com


The peach duvet cover set

Oh peaches, how we love thee. This cute little fruit is a favourite for adorning everything from stationery to phone covers and always has a spot saved on our recently used emojis.

Now you can even snuggle up covered in peaches with these on-trend sheets, which are perfect for a day of Netflix and chill. Although we adore their pinky-peachy colour, thanks to the white background these sheets will work with almost any decor, making them the perfect update when you’re bored with your bedroom. 

Peach Duvet Cover Set, £30-50,

The Lucinda twinkle headboard

The headboard of your dreams has arrived! This magical-looking, heaven-sent headboard has a name that a My Little Pony would be proud of and lights up your whole room with a twinkling glow. The metallic frame forms the shape of a sunshine and will have you resembling a halo-donning angel once tucked up in bed – which we reckon is pretty fabulous. 

The whole structure is wrapped in fairy lights and needs to be plugged into the mains to work – which stops you worrying about buying batteries. 

Lucinda Twinkle Headboard, £140,

The neon sign

What makes a house party cooler than your average house party? Ironic decorations of course! With this neon sign comes the opportunity to become the source of many a LOL, and possibly even Insta-story famous as your friends struggle to resist re-shaping it into rude words, and broadcasting their antics to the world.

The ample photo opportunities it’s bound to provide make it worth that price tag and it looks pretty easy to use too.

Make Your Own Neon Effect Sign Kit, £15,


The marble duvet set

Chic, monochrome and so very on trend – this marble bedding doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This duvet set instantly gives your bedroom the cool factor, making it an easy (and affordable) way to stamp some personality on your rented flat. 

Keep it minimalist with some small metallic accents and a few plants, or build up pattern with layers of cushions – of which Urban Outfitters is also a master.

Marble Print Duvet Set, £30-£50,

All products are currently in stock and ready to be yours, but be quick about it as they have a habit of selling out faster than ice pops in a heat wave. 

Images: Urban Outfitters / iStock