18 delicious vegan Easter eggs to scoff this April (or before)

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On the vegan Easter egg hunt? Here are some of our favourite dairy-free, gluten-free and soya-free options…

Could Easter be the best seasonal holiday of them all? Edging into spring, it’s the first weekend you’re first likely to spot a bit of proper sunshine – and thanks to those extra days off, it’s also a great time to book a staycation.

But the best part of Easter has to be the monumental influx of chocolate that comes our way. Is it just us, or does chocolate taste even better in the shape of an egg? Although if we’re being honest, we’ll happily tuck into chocolate whatever guise it takes – whether it be bunny rabbit, Easter chick or just an unattended KitKat.

Plain, caramel-flavoured, infused with honeycomb or with a peanut butter filling, all of these Easter treats taste delicious – and even better, they’re all vegan. As well as being animal product-free, some also pass the gluten-free and soya-free tests, too.

With more and more vegan Easter eggs on the market every year, choosing ethical and sustainable treats is easy – benefiting the planet and our furry and feathered friends, without sacrificing an ounce of deliciousness.

From mini eggs you can chomp in one go, to enormous eggs to share with someone deserving, there’s loads of choice for yourself or a lucky vegan friend.

Fortnum & Mason almond and dark chocolate Easter egg 

If supermarket Easter eggs just won’t do, treat yourself to something a little more luxurious, like this rich Fortnum & Mason beauty. Handmade by the institution’s talented chocolatiers from dark blended chocolate, it has roasted Sicilian almonds sliced and dispersed throughout the shell. 

Included inside you will also find three Madagascar Napolitains and three Dominican Republic Napolitains, for a delicious, extra special treat.

£35, Fortnum & Mason

Booja Booja hazelnut crunch chocolate truffles

Booja Booja vegan Easter egg

Booja Booja, the dairy-free, gluten-free and soya-free luxury chocolate brand, certainly knows how to whip up a vegan Easter egg (although these seasonal sweet treats technically aren’t egg-shaped).

Housed inside a hand-painted mauve and gold casing sits a collection of three sumptuous truffles packed with roasted Italian hazelnuts. You might not be able to crack them open, but when they taste this good, we don’t think that matters.

£12.95, Harvey Nichols 

Moser Roth Free-From Egg 

Aldi vegan Easter egg

A brand-new offering from Aldi’s Moser Roth range, this organic 65% dark chocolate egg is rich and intense in flavour, and comes with deliciously smooth hazelnut truffles.

£4.99, available in store 

Tesco Finest Free From Salted Caramel Egg

Now that’s what we call an Easter egg. From Tesco’s Finest range, this caramel flavoured egg is made with sea salt and crisp rice pieces, and is accompanied by raspberry fondant filled white chocolate truffles and caramel fondant filled milk chocolate truffles.

£5.50, Tesco

Waitrose Jelly Avocados

Egg-shaped and undeniably cute, these Waitrose jelly avocados make for an adorable twist on the classic Easter sweet treat. These soft fruit jellies are made with zingy lime juice to tickle your tastebuds. 

£2.50, Waitrose

Cocoa Libre Raspberry Mini Slab

Who doesn’t love raspberry and dark chocolate for a heady mix of flavours? This slab may not be an egg, but it does look delicious and is, most importantly, vegan. So we reckon it’s worth a try. 

£2.99, Holland & Barrett 

Holland & Barrett Milk Chocolate Style Egg with Bunny Bar 

Keep it simple, and delicious, with this plain organic chocolate Easter egg in cute bunny packaging. 

£2.99, Holland & Barrett

So Free Finest Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

So Free dark chocolate Easter egg

With So Free’s dark chocolate Easter egg you don’t just get a yummy, hollow egg to nibble on but a sharing bag of chocolate too. (We’ll leave it up to you how much sharing you choose to do.)

Made using 100% renewable energy, this egg is not only sustainable but ethically made, free from wheat, dairy, lactose and gluten, with no added sugar. 

£4.29, Ocado

Hotel Chocolat Extra-Thick Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate Easter egg

This Hotel Chocolat masterpiece is utterly divine, made with 70% dark chocolate and filled with truffles, pralines and caramels chosen for their high-quality cocoa.

The two thick halves of smooth dark chocolate have been wrapped in gold foil, tied with a ribbon and encased in a beautiful presentation box to make the experience more special. Among the chocolates inside you’ll find a gin truffle, simple dark truffle, marzipan selector and chilli praline.

 £27, Hotel Chocolat

Montezuma Dark Chunky Easter Egg 

Montezuma vegan Easter egg

This deliciously dark egg from Montezuma is not only adorable to look at (hello, cute bunny packaging) but it’s got more to it than meets the eye. 

Crack it open and you’ll find a flurry of chocolate buttons inside, which are perfect for snacking on before you get to the main event. 

£9.99, Montezuma

Divine Pink Himalayan Salt Easter Egg 

Divine pink himalayan salt vegan Easter egg

Talk about breaking away from of the norm - you might have only sprinkled pink Himalayan salt on your dinner until now, but this Divine vegan Easter egg, made with 60% cocoa is taking sweet and savoury to a whole new level.  

Striking dark chocolate juxtaposed with a kick of Himalayan salt makes this egg an unexpected, but readily received gift for any vegan friend. 

£5.25, Divine 

Hotel Chocolat Extra-Thick Rare and Vintage Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat rare and vintage vegan Easter egg

Put half Colombian dark chocolate and half Honduran dark chocolate together, and what do you get? One delicious whole, of course. Hotel Chocolat have done it once again with this two-part egg, made from creamy cocoa featuring notes of butterscotch and red fruits with a smoky finish.

Inside you’ll find that it’s been filled with single-origin Luxe Nuts for an extra surprise, wrapped in gold and topped with a bow. 

Hotel Chocolat, £29.

Beeches Luxury Dark Chocolate Fondant Creme Eggs

Beech's vegan dark chocolate Easter eggs

Thought you had to miss out on Creme Eggs just because you’re vegan? Poppycock! Beech’s selection of dark chocolate eggs have a deliciously gooey fondant centre, just like Cadbury’s originals – but you know, good for the planet.

Coming in a pack of six, there’s enough for to sate your appetite for chocolate throughout the day, or if you’re anything like us, you could just devour them all at once.  

£2.99, Vegan Store 

Coco Caravan Organic Caramel Filled Easter Eggs

Coco Caravan vegan mini Easter eggs

These handmade Easter eggs are made with super smooth dark chocolate and filled with creamy vegan caramel. We love the rustic packaging and unique shape of each one, making them an extra special Easter present for yourself, or a vegan pal. 

Each packet holds eight Easter eggs, all of which are made with raw and organic chocolate with no refined sugars. 

£5.99, Vegan Store.

Moo Free Organic Sea Salt and Caramel Easter Egg

Moo Free sea salt and caramel vegan Easter egg

This “marvelouslly moreish” sea salt and caramel chocolate egg from Moo Free is made from rice milk to ensure it’s still deliciously creamy, but of course, animal friendly.

Made in the UK, this egg has got it all - or rather, hasn’t. Free from gluten and dairy, it’s essentially a green light for a friend with allergies, although it’s worth noting the factory it was made in does handle hazelnuts.

£5.99, Vegan Store. 

Montezuma Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Eggs

Montezuma peanut butter mini Easter eggs

The vegan chocolate masters at Montezuma have really cracked it (sorry) this time. Incorporating one of our favourite snacks into the mix, these mini dark chocolate eggs are filled with peanut butter, giving them a smooth, soft centre. £3.99.

Moo Free Organic Rosie Rabbit Chocolate Bunny

Moo Free vegan rabbit Easter chocolate

Let’s be honest, Easter treats are delicious whatever form they take. So we’re pressing pause on egg shapes for just a moment to show some love to this bite sized bunny, Rosie the Rabbit, which is not only vegan but vegan but gluten and soya free too. £0.99.

Moo Free Organic Bunnycomb Honeycomb Egg

Moo Free honeycomb vegan Easter egg

Looking for all-out vegan decadence? We think you may have found it in this adorably-named bunnycomb easter egg, which has pieces of honeycomb toffee set into the shell of the chocolate. Delicious. 

£3.99, Vegan Store. 

Images: Courtesy of brands / Rawpixel 


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