Vegans put off a third of potential dates, study finds

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Anna Pollitt

It's safe to say vegans are not having a good year.

First Italy drafted a bill proposing to jail parents who raised their children without animal products in their diet, then TV chef Gianfranco Vissani described veganism as a sect and suggested that all vegans be killed.

As if threats of jail and death weren't bad enough, Sainsbury's then (sort of) renamed its dairy-free cheese "Gary" at the bidding of a meat-eater's online rant last month.

Now it's being suggested that shunning meat and dairy also equates to a lower chance of finding love.

Research carried out by dating app has found that 34% of single meat-eaters admitted they would not date a vegan, with men being most put off by the lack of meat on a dining companion's plate.

natalie portman
A-list vegan: Natalie Portman's not single, but if she was she'd have less chance of finding love, apparently

In another blow to healthy living singletons, the study of 1,000 people found that 11% of participants would also rather not date a non-drinker.

It wasn't all bad news for healthy living, with 28% admitting they would not go out with someone who ate too much junk food and 21% said over-indulging in alcohol was their biggest turn off.

How diet impacts on dating chances, according to the study:

  • 77% of singletons wouldn’t give up meat for a partner
  • 34% won't date a vegan
  • 28% are put off by junk-food lovers
  • 21% will say no to romance with people who drink too much alcohol
  • 19.5% would turn down a second date with a fussy eater
  • 11% would rather not date tee-totallers 


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