This 'Very British Problems' Twitter account is all of us

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Sarah Biddlecombe

Being British is a bit like being part of a really awkward club, in which all the members like to avoid social contact and know how to queue nicely.

And nowhere is a sense of Britishness better summed up than on the Very British Problems twitter account, which brilliantly chronicles the awkward reality of being a Brit through 140 character tweets.

With its deadpan messages on topics such as the perils of being involved in office small talk and the dread of having to make an actual phone call, the account is truly all of us.

Launched back in 2012 by freelance journalist Rob Temple, the account, which now has 1.4 million followers, rapidly gained cult status among us rain-loving Brits and has gone on to spawn two books, a TV show, a range of gift cards and a clothing line (plus, excellently, a Very British Problems board game that will be released in time for Christmas).

In honour of the publication of Temple's second book, More Very British Problems, we chart some of the account's most hilarious tweets.

Be prepared to splutter into your cup of tea...

Very British Problems: 10 very funny tweets


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