Video: woman delivers damning speech

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Amid the carnage of the London riots last night (8 August), one woman took to the streets to make her voice heard.

The West Indian woman was captured in the video by a Telegraph journalist giving the rioting youths a piece of her mind near to Clarence Road in Hackney, where the worst of the district's vandalism took place.

In it, she points towards a local shop whilst shouting, "she's working hard to make her business work, and then you lot wanna go and burn it up. For what?" before adding, "this ain't about having fun and busting up the place." She goes on to finish with the words, "I'm ashamed to be a Hackney person. Because we're not all gathering and fighting for a cause, we're running down Footlocker and theiving shoes."

Watch the full video below (warning: contains strong language).


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