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These days, it takes a lot for a story to go viral – after all, there’s always going to be an adorable cat meme or a head-smacking comment from Trump to contend with when vying for the world’s attention.

But one couple has managed to make it into the spotlight by describing the story of their romance on question-and-answer website Quora, in response to the question “What is one moment in your life you thought could only happen in a movie?”

Writing that he “can't not answer this”, Kevin Walsh wrote that he met the “prettiest girl [he'd] ever seen” at band camp when he was 13, after she apparently walked up to him and said “black is a good colour on you”.

Describing how the pair fell off each other’s radar during high school, Walsh goes on to describe how some “earth-shattering stuff” led him to become depressed, to the point that he had planned to take his own life.

Incredibly, he says it was 5-10 seconds before he committed the act that the girl, Blake Moore, suddenly decided to get back in touch – with a phone call that he said saved his life.

“Somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds before I would have committed suicide, my phone rang,” Walsh wrote. “I checked the caller ID – I couldn't die not knowing. It was a number I didn't recognise, so I picked up and it was her.

“I asked her what was up and she said she just felt like she had to call me. At that point it had been a year since we had spoken, and at that moment she just had to call.”

Walsh goes on to say that the pair chatted for a while before ending the call and promising to speak the next day – which they apparently did, because the pair are now married.

“My first crush called me out of the blue at exactly the right moment to prevent my suicide, and then I married her a decade later,” Walsh writes at the end of the story.

The remarkable story clearly struck a chord with Quora visitors, with 278,500 clicking in to read and nearly 34,000 giving it an ‘upvote’.

Speaking to People, the couple revealed that they both have completely different recollections of the call that Walsh said saved his life, with Moore insisting that he called her, not the other way around.

“I think both of our recollections are true,” Moore, a former actress whose real name is Katherine, said. “A force must have intervened to connect us and make it happen.”

“It’s completely unjustifiable how this could have happened,” Walsh added. “It’s amazing.”

Whatever the truth of the story is, the couple are at least championing a very worthy cause, with both telling People they want to encourage those experiencing depression to reach out to others and talk about it.

“I think there is something to be said for speaking something out loud,” Walsh said.

“To talk to somebody, and to give somebody the opportunity to care about you, is something that could save your life.”

If you, or someone you know, needs help with depression, you can visit Depression UK here or Mind here

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