This viral thread is the very definition of 90s nostalgia

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Anna Brech
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90s nostalgia is alive and kicking, thanks to an inspired discussion about the things people miss on Twitter

Alisha’s Attic. Hair mascara. Smash Hits.

These are just a few of the genius takeaways from the 90s that hold a special place in our heart.

And yet, there are so many other references from this seminal pre-digi decade that we either a. ) can’t remember, or b.) have been lost forever to the murky annals of time.

Which is what makes a recent Twitter discussion quite so resonant in a modern era.

Last week, Chicago-based writer Eric Bailey asked Twitter the question: “What did you have in 1998 that you no longer have in 2018?”

The responses came in thick and fast, sending the thread viral, and showcasing an extraordinary depth of affection for all things ‘90s. 

Here are just a few (frankly inspired) examples of memorabilia from a golden time that we’d completely forgotten about:

The whole thing makes us pine for a simpler age.

A time where social media spats were unheard of, people had proper conversations *on the phone* and flared skater jeans held major style kudos.

Not to mention Discmans and inflatable chairs.

Can we rewind and start from the top please? 

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