Women are sharing beautiful messages to their five-year-old selves, and we’re taking notes

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Advice for younger girls

Twitter has given us the gift of women sharing the advice they would give to their younger selves, and we could all learn a lesson or two from the responses. 

There’s something comforting in hearing what advice other women would give to their younger selves. Michelle Obama has opened up before, sharing her life lessons on careers, education, love and courage. Knowing that someone with as many accomplishments behind her as Obama has had to learn a thing or two the hard way is enough to breathe the biggest sigh of relief. So, a new Twitter hashtag has invited women from around the world to share the three things they would tell their five-year-old selves along with a selfie. 

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It’s part of the Young Minds campaign to make us think about what we would say to young children today. You can get involved by finding a photo of your younger self, writing three things you would tell that child, and tweeting them with #5YearOldSelfie. Spread the love by tagging three friends.

The response has been beautiful, and everyone can learn something from what these women had to say. 

Channel 4 News anchor Cathy Newman kicked things off, writing: 

“If I could tell my younger self three things it would be: 

1) Don’t let the best be the enemy of the good.

2) Doubting yourself makes you better at empathising with others. 

3) Convince yourself you’re good at something and you’ll soon.” 

“To my younger self: 1) You ARE weird, own it. The right people love you for it later. 

2) No, being an Artist won’t always make you money BUT it will always bring you Joy. 

3) It’s not about the “coming OUT”, it’s about letting them IN.”

“1. ‘Bossy’ is just the first of many words men will use to try to silence you - don’t let them. 

2. You don’t have all the answers, and that doesn’t matter - ‘I don’t know’ is a really powerful phrase 

3. You are more than what people see.”

 “1) You’re really smart and it’s okay that you talk a lot. Don’t lose your voice. 

2) you don’t really want to be a doctor. 

3) you bring people joy. Remember that #5yearoldselfie.”


-you’re a bad bitch, don’t let anybody lower your self worth

-don’t be ashamed of being quiet or reserved, not everyone is a loud mouth

-embrace your cultural differences because they make you unique.”

“Dear Alfiee:

1) You are a beautiful dark skinned princess.

2) You are a brilliant girl.

3) You will change the world by simply being you”

“1.) You won’t always have a speech impediment

2.) you actually will become a “ballerina”

3.) you will actually always be a clown tho.”

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