We don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this viral video of a couple decorating their bedroom

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Viral tweet about decorating house

Take a closer look at this viral video and you’ll see what all the fuss is about…

This week, a new study found that the traditional housewife image has been replaced – but not necessarily for the better. It reports that the rise of Instagram influencers has created an “aestheticised housewife ideal” that “exploits the image of a glamorous housewife by showing it as an entrepreneurship”. Think Mrs Hinch, for example. Sure, she’s a shrewd business woman. But does that come at a cost of making domestic labour look “glamorous”?

It’s perhaps hardly surprising, given that recent research confirmed “gender norms remain strong” when it comes to household chores. Women are doing approximately 16 hours of household chores every week, in comparison to men who only do closer to six hours.

With this in mind, the most recent viral video on Twitter is so infuriating that we really don’t know whether to laugh or cry with despair. So, let’s rewind…

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A female interior decorator uploaded a video that showed her decorating a bedroom with a man (who is thought to be her romantic partner). 

She captioned the video: “My bedroom said burnt orange & 70’s vibes are in.”

At first, the two-minute video is actually quite inspiring and almost therapeutic. The pair put up wall paper, while a dog potters around the bedroom. They then do a bit of DIY with a bed side table, which is painted and drilled. Lastly, the bed is made and finishing touches are put in place.

Hurrah! Except, watch the video again and something glaringly obvious is amiss. 

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The woman does ALL the work, while the man literally lies down on the floor and checks his phone for most of the video. In fact, he completely disappears halfway through, when the woman does all the DIY herself and finishes the job solo. Of course, she is more than capable of doing the project herself – she is an interiors expert after all – but it perfectly illustrates how women still take on more chores in the home. 

And it’s just the fact that he is so blatant about doing sweet F all that is so ridiculous. 

We weren’t the only ones to notice, as the video has received over 180 thousand likes and 200 thousand retweets, with many men and women pointing out how unhelpful the guy is. 

“I’m laughing so hard at the amount of breaks the dude in this video took,” wrote one Twitter user.

“She did this room by herself & he was there for moral support,” added another.

“He’s like a toddler,” wrote a third

“Me at work taking all the credit for stuff someone else did,” joked a fourth

 The memes came thick and fast, too (which definitely did make us laugh):

We just hope that he took zero credit for how that room looks, apart from the one strip of wallpaper that he held in place for a few moments. 


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