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To watch the final few episodes of Orange Is The New Black last year was to enter on a roller coaster of stomach-churning emotion.

There was shock and despair as one of the show’s best-loved characters met an untimely end in the penultimate episode of series four, then anger and disbelief as a riot spilled out of control.

The closing scene left us on an unbearably tense cliffhanger.

Season five picks up exactly where we cut off, with the usually softhearted inmate Daya Diaz pointing a gun at corrections officer Thomas Humphrey’s head, amid a sea of marauding prisoners.

Will she pull the trigger, and cast out any chance of parole – or of seeing her baby daughter again? 

We don’t know the answer here, but one thing is for sure; a spirit of rebellion is in the air. Because the women of Litchfield are demanding change, and it looks like they'll work together to get it.

This new trailer for the hit Netflix drama is an extended version of a one-minute teaser released last month, and captures a sombre, defiant mood from the outset.

“She’s angry. We’re all angry. You done a girl wrong, Mr. Caputo,” Taystee Jefferson is heard telling the warden of Litchfield penitentiary. “And we want justice.”

“To Whom It May Concern. We the inmates of Litchfield penitentiary are human beings,” inmate Alison Abdullah reads from a letter written by the prisoners. “We are protesting the abuse of conditions under which we are being held.”

The series’ lead Piper Chapman is seen offering her help to the campaign group. “People ain’t gonna like you,” they tell her. “Story of my life,” she replies.

And in a flash of humour, a brainstorm for prison demands sees the women come up with ideas such as an ice-cream sundae bar, Latin classes and an anti-gravity chamber “where we can float around and do flips and stuff”.

Watch the trailer in full, below, and roll on June 9 when the full season drops on Netflix.

Images: YouTube/Netflix

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