People are sharing their “wedding fails” on Twitter - and the responses are hilarious

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Wedding ceremony

Wedding season is here - and this viral Twitter trend is a reminder that not all ceremonies go according to plan. 

Getting married is far from a walk in the park. Even after you’ve sorted out the dress, the flowers, the venue and the food, you’ve got the actual event itself to take on - often including a room full of  intoxicated friends and family to oversee. That’s why even on the best of days, there’s still plenty of room for error - and now, a viral Twitter trend has confirmed that. 

It all started when Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight show, asked his Twitter followers to share their wedding day mishaps using the hashtag #weddingfail

“It’s hashtags time,” he wrote. “Tag a tweet with #WeddingFail and then tell us a funny or weird story from a wedding you were at. Could be on the show!”

And while we’re used to the odd “I tripped down the aisle” story or blurry videos of someone’s father in law drunk dancing, it’s safe to say some of the responses to Fallon were absolutely mad (and often hilariously funny). Having something go wrong on your wedding day can be truly devastating - but luckily these brides and grooms have been able to find the funny side to their disaster…

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There were plenty of trips and falls

To start us off, we’ve got to appreciate some of the pretty majestic tumbles people have shared in response to Fallon’s tweet. These are far from a little trip or stumble - think full-on, head first, panic-strewn across the face falls. Luckily enough, no one was harmed in the making of these tweets - or at least, if they were, they’re feeling well enough to share the evidence on social media.

This picture-perfect carry down the aisle quickly descended into madness

“Tried to be romantic and carry my wife out of the ceremony,” one Twitter user wrote. “Luckily, this was after she said ‘I do’.”

You can almost *feel* the pain in this one. Even better, the moment is documented forever

“Our photographer made us come out early so guests didn’t have to wait,” the story begins. “I stepped on the front of my dress 3 steps from bottom. My new husband Tim held onto me until we reached the bottom. He spiraled into the crowd and ripped his pants.”

“My dress was in perfect shape.”

The fashion faux-pas

Then we’ve got all the fashion situations. No one wants to be wearing the exact same dress - and when they do, who’s to say what the reactions will be? However, whatever happens, it’s sure to be a memorable experience. 

This three look the perfect trio - even if it wasn’t planned

“All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up to the wedding in the exact same dress,” Twitter user @aacampisi wrote. Iconic.

This person shared the rather awkward experience they watched unfurl on their wedding day

“When my mother and her MIL wore the same dress to my wedding,” they wrote. “She was not happy.”

Less fashion, more accessory - this person’s bandage of choice certainly defined their special day

“I got so nervous that I completely forgot my bouquet until the ceremony was over,” the story began. “But worst of all, my husband wore a Minions bandaid in all our pictures.” Super romantic. 

And the internet is going crazy over this one

The picture does the talking here.

“My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding,” Amy Pennza shared. “So, yeah, top that one, Twitter.” 

And then there’s the downright crazy

That’s right - you know those stories where you just sit back and struggle to imagine how they went down? These are them. These things actually happened to real people on their real wedding days. Just speechless. 

Thinking of inviting dogs to your wedding? Think again

“I’m a dog trainer. A client wanted her 6 Husky dogs at her wedding and her friends were invited to bring their Huskies. I advised against it as Huskies are very pack oriented,” one tweet read. You can probably see where this one is going. 

“During the vows a howling competition began,” the story continued. “I knew what was coming. Yep. Full on dog rumble.”

How is this a thing which happened in real life?

“At the end of the night I carried my wife into our honeymoon suite only to find another couple had fraudulently checked in the room as the bride and groom were GOING AT IT in our bed,” Twitter user @Marcus_AO11 shared. “Needless to say, we got another room, for free, for the week.”

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