How to get motivated to exercise?

How can you get motivated to exercise? Fitness trainers answer the most googled questions

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How can you get motivated to exercise? Stylist Strong trainers answer the most googled health and fitness questions

No matter how much you enjoy exercise, there’s something about the winter months that makes doing it hard. We end up swapping a run in the rain for a movie night on the sofa or we forgo the gym thanks to Christmas party induced hangovers

While it’s totally ok to get too busy or cold to want to work out, the problem is that once it falls to the bottom of our priority list it’s hard to get back into the exercise routine again. And given the benefits of hitting the weight room, it’s not something we want to give up all together. 

Each week, three trainers from Stylist Strong answer some of the most-asked questions from women who want to get into lifting. This time, they’re sharing their expert opinion on how to get yourself to the gym when you’re feeling low on motivation. 



“Look at people who have been where you currently are and use them as your motivation. So don’t use people who are completely unrealistic. If it’s strength or performance based goals, don’t look for someone who’s a complete different caliber. Look at someone who has experienced having been where you are and use them as your motivation.

I love looking at athletes because every athlete has to start somewhere. But then that could be so far out of your league that it’s tricky to use as motivation. So maybe a coach or instructor, somebody you like the energy of. You can find people online but there’s so many things online that aren’t true, so actually find a real life person. But also set yourself your goals you want to achieve and track your performance. Set yourself goals such as getting a pull up by the end of 2020. And then just make sure your program is tailored towards that. Just having having an exact goal is something that does actually mean something to some of you kind of make up because you feel like should have a goal. You’re just never gonna stick to it.”


“Prep is the number one thing that keeps me on track when it comes to working out. I lay out the stuff that I’m going to wear down to underwear and socks and I pack my bag for the next day, and leave that all next to my bed. My coat and hat everything will be ready by the door so all I’ve got to do in the morning is get up, grab my stuff and get to the gym. Don’t over think it, just do it. Another thing that works is variety. If you’re going to keep doing the same kind of classes or the same workouts it’s not going to be motivating you - keep things interesting. Group fitness, like Stylist Strong, also really works to keep you motivated, especially now when it’s quite busy and cold around the Christmas period. It’s quite nice to be in the group environment and that tends to push people and you tend to put in a little bit more than you would usually if you went on your own.”



“I think first of all is to try to train when you have the most energy, so have a little feel for one week, just write down when your energy is at its highest and when your energy is lower. And then start with a routine. If your energy is the highest at 7.30am in the morning, then make sure you’re going to the gym at 7.30am in the morning, three times a week, because then it’s going to be easiest time for you to go. You’re feeling good, your energy’s high. And then you have that set routine works that works at the same time every day. So it’s actually harder not to go than to go because it’s ingrained as part of your daily habits.”


“Work with your current schedule. Right now, evenings are kind of hard, right? Because we’re going out to parties and then the mornings are difficult because we may be tired or hungover. That leaves us with lunch time, which is a good time to go to the gym. Use your break to get moving. It doesn’t have to be an hour workout. Even if you carve out 30 minutes of your time. That can really revitalise you can still be on track with your goals tracking steps as well. I find that is really motivating. Everyone’s got a phone that tracks steps. That could kind of encourage you to stay active because working out doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and doing weights, you could be being more active in terms of just everyday movement; it’s underrated these days that your steps are absolutely key to your fitness.”


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