What if men could get pregnant?

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What if men could get pregnant? Sounds unlikely, and it is. But there’s no denying it would seriously shake up the world. Following our cover story in this week's Stylist, we want to hear your views on men and pregnancy.

Thanks to recently announced government plans, it looks like men could soon command more paternity leave (a maximum of 46 weeks, following the initial six weeks of maternity leave, to be split between both parents). Furthermore, scientists claim that male pregnancy isn't as impossible as once thought - with a does of female hormones to make him receptive to pregnancy, a man could have a "test-tube" embryo implanted in his abdominal cavity, which is big enought to accommodate the growing baby and the placenta.

Technicalities aside, we want to know ihow you think men would handle the morning sickness, the pain of labour, the guilt of taking time off work and all the other things that come part and parcel with pregnancy. And what do you make of the government's paternity leave proposals? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.