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Wedding season is upon us and, whilst choosing the perfect venue and sampling duck fondue canapés can be fun, not everything to do with matrimony comes with a rose-tinted edge. Whether you're the bridesmaid charged with organising ten hens or the bride dealing with an over-enthusiastic family, weddings can be a minefield of stress, politics and mishaps waiting to happen. This is no more true than in the world of movie weddings, where trouble-prone maids of honour, misbehaving best men and altercations at the altar abandon at every corner. With this in mind, Stylist takes a look at some our favourite big-screen nuptials, with a look at what not to do on the run-up to the big day.

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  • Don't give the bride food poisoning

    Plush white carpets and upset stomachs really don't go together - something the hapless Kristen Wiig found out to her chagrin in Bridesmaids, after treating the bride and her maids to a dodgy Brazilian barbeque just hours before a dress fitting. Messy. Very messy.

  • Don't inflict pre-wedding carnage

    While a groom may expect high jinx on his stag night, nothing can prepare him for waking up to a tiger in the bathroom, a baby in the cupboard and a friend with less than his entire mouthful of teeth. No wonder the guys in The Hangover were confused.

  • Don't go beserk with bridesmaid duties

    Being a bridesmaid if a stressful enough job without doing it 27 times over. It doesn't take Freud to work out that hot-footing it from one ceremony to the next and changing dresses in the back of a taxi cab - a la Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses - is not exactly a healthy past-time.

  • Don't bring down the mood

    Rachel of Rachel Getting Married must have wished her troubled sister Anne Hathaway stayed in rehab, rather than making a break to play at bridesmaids. One car wreck and a incoherent, bitter toast later and the wedding suddenly wasn't looking quite as rosy.

  • Don't make it a family affair

    Anyone with their own fair share of eccentric relatives felt a pang of sympathy for Ian and Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, as they were variously waylaid by a Windex-wielding father, a cleavage-baring cousin with an eye for the groom and two families so completely unlike in destiny it seemed like the ceremony would never happen.

  • Don't invite your three possible fathers

    Fancy playing "who's my daddy?" Then perhaps don't indulge is age-old game on your wedding day - needless to say, it doesn't exactly make for a smooth, stress-free process. And doing it against a never-ending soundtrack of classic Abba tunes could only have things worse for Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia!

  • Don't try to steal the groom

    Granted, Julia Roberts hadn't really thought through how Cameron Diaz would react when she chose to declare her love for Cam's man amid a lawn of canapes and at the thirteenth hour in My Best Friend's Wedding - but how it passed him by, we fail to comprehend. All those subtle moments of body contact and trademark Julia moon eyes over dinner should surely have told him something...

  • Don't try to steal the bride, either

    However, we don't blame Keira Knightley (the bride) for not noticing that Andrew Lincoln (the best man) was going through all manner of tumult and emotional torture as a result of his feelings for her.

    It was only when his somewhat-obsessive filming of the fair bride's face in the wedding videos came to light that the truth came out. Awkward.

  • Don't marry for money

    Poor old Muriel found herself on the wrong end of married bliss after answering an ad for an "urgent wife". A down payment of several thousand dollars later and David, the handsome young South African swimmer in need of a visa refused to share a bed with her. Altogether now: You're terrible, Muriel.

  • Don't nick your best friend's dream wedding plans

    Feel like getting hitched on exactly the same day as your best friend, using the same wedding planner and at the same hotel - according to a plan you've both harboured since childhood? Yeah, we get that all the time. Still, Bride Wars allowed for some gratuitous fight scenes between Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway's characters - two women perfectly matched in looks and personalities that lacked anything even remotely resembling intellect.

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  • Don't marry for a Green Card (or gardening)

    Andie MacDowell and Gérard Depardieu learnt the hard way that swapping vows for a US visa (him) and a beautiful garden apartment (her) in Green Card is way more hassle than it's worth. When you're forced to discuss whose toothbrush is whose in front of an unforgiving immigration panel, the wedding bells don't have quite the same ring they once did.

  • Don't wait until the 'any persons here present' line to declare your love

    Moving on to the tricky issue of wedding objections and in general it's better to voice any lingering issues you have about said bride/groom before they make it down the aisle. Instead of hot-footing across a few fields in a motorbike sidecar with your mate posing as a vicar before proclaiming the bride should really be yours - aka Tom Selleck in Three Men And A Little Lady.

  • Don't whisk the bride away mid-ceremony

    As The Graduate's Dustin Hoffman would know, there's a time and a place to proclaim your true feelings for the bride.

    Sure, you could undergo an elaborate last-minute chase to track down the ceremony and then whisk your sweetheart away from the altar in all her bridal refinery: but it would be a lot simpler to have that conversation before the congregation (and mothers/former lovers) are there to intervene.

  • Don't marry a gold digger

    Poor old Uncle Fester. The gormless don of the Addams Family found himself well and truly duped by the irrepressible "charms" of Debbie in Addams Family Values. We blame the family - anyone with half a brain would surely spot her murderous gold-digging streak a mile off (not to mention her distinctly evil smile) and duly respond to "speak now or forever hold your peace."

  • Don't ditch the groom at the altar

    Julia Roberts turned serial commitment phobe and groom stander-upper in The Runaway Bride - that is, until her old friend Richard Gere arrived on scene. However, she would have saved herself a whole lot of bother - not to mention cash on wedding gowns - if she'd just said no in the first place. Makes sense, non?

  • Don't kiss another woman on your wedding day

    OK, you love someone else. OK, you let that information be known two seconds before you and the bride swap rings at the altar. And OK, you are left-hooked by said bride as a result. But we think the last straw in Hugh Grant's many nuptial mishaps in Four Weddings And A Funeral came when he and Andie MacDowell decided to seal their love with a kiss on the very same day - with the one-liner "Is it still raining? I didn't notice" adding insult to injury.

  • Don't hire a depressed wedding singer

    Over to the reception and here's a tip: don't hire a wedding singer who's emotionally broken after being stood up at the altar and insists on belting out bitter melodies such as Love Stinks (a tragedy only matched by his 80s hairstyle). Not exactly conductive to an atmosphere of romance - taken note, Adam Sandler of The Wedding Singer.

  • Don't attend a mafia wedding

    Sure, so you get to say: "Don Corleone, I am honoured and grateful that you have invited me to your home on the wedding day of your daughter." But if you're a guest of Marlon Brando at The Godfather wedding, there's a fair chance you could end up with a horse's head in your bed. And that could really mess up your day.

  • Don't burn down the wedding altar

    Or swamp the wedding venue with sewage, either. Especially if you're engaged to the bride's sibling. Not the best way to endear yourself to your inlaws-to-be, as Ben Stiller found out in Meet The Parents.

  • Don't drink the free bar dry

    If you're the bride's sister and happen to have a penchant for alcohol, don't go hitting the bar the minute the happy couple have said "I do". Unfortunately, Sandra Bullock did exactly that in 28 Days and ended up wrecking the wedding cake and driving a limo into the house. Happy days.