This is where you’re most likely to meet the love of your life

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Turns out that a real-life in-flight rom-com could happen to you on your next plane trip…

We’ve all watched it happen in pretty much every iconic romantic comedy – from Pretty Woman to Dirty Dancing – when two strangers randomly cross paths and ultimately fall in love. And truth be told, seeing it play out on the big screen time and time again, has secretly left some of us hoping for it to become a reality in our own lives, too. 

And, as it turns out, a real-life meeting has a surprisingly high probability of happening to you… on a plane. That’s right, being sat next to some random stranger as you fly off to sunnier shores, could actually result in meeting the love of your life.

A recent study carried out by HSBC found that one in 50 people meet their future partner during a flight. We’re thinking: Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton in the 1995 cult classic French Kiss.

By questioning 5,000 people from 141 countries, the researchers found that flying can actually be a great place to strike up a conversation (like this school teacher, whose story went viral), and a life-long friendship. 

Believe it or not, but 16% of people form a business connection mid-flight and 14% also make long-lasting friendships. 

Go on, talk to the person sat beside you on your next flight

But it’s not all about meeting potential partners – for business, life or love. The researchers also found that travel generally makes people better, too. With 80% of travellers saying they now “understand the world better” after hopping from one country to the next. And 67% believe they’re now more tolerant of others. 

Interestingly, 63% of people said they are now a lot more patient (who wouldn’t be after facing delays, connecting flights and demanding passengers?).

So wave goodbye to dating apps, and take to the air instead. Because if meeting the love of your life mid-air isn’t an excuse to book a flight to somewhere hot and sunny then we don’t know what is.

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