A lesson on how to trend on Twitter for no reason at all, by Catherine of Aragon

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Catherine of Aragon

Tudor queen - and star of Six the musical and TV show The Spanish Princess - Catherine of Aragon is trending on Twitter, and everyone is very confused about it. 

We love a good Twitter story. Recently, we’ve seen a female doctor superbly point out all the times women with a PhD haven’t been taken seriously. And, who can forget the time when women gloriously roast a man who can’t believe periods happen at night?

Now, it is time for Catherine of Aragon to ride her trend. 

Is it because she is currently retelling her history in breakout production Six the musical? Or perhaps it’s down to new TV show The Spanish Princess on American channel Starz (also home of Outlander)? Maybe, it’s just because she was a total queen in so many more ways than just a title and it makes sense to celebrate that nearly 500 years after her death? (She stood her ground enough to cause Henry VIII to split with the church, after all #slay). 

Well, people couldn’t actually work out the original reason behind Twitter’s Tudor trend, but it didn’t stop them from continuing to tweet about Catherine. However, we have retraced history and found out the hilarious story behind #CatherineOfAragon and her second reigning moment…

It started when Six the musical (which follows the stories of all six wives of Henry VIII) posted a question on their social media account, asking: “Which of the Queen’s was previously married to Henry VIII’s brother?”

The answer was Catherine of Aragon, who was married to King Arthur.

When Arthur died at a young age shortly after their wedding, the marriage was annulled so that his brother Henry would be free to marry the Spanish princess.

Although many people shared the correct answer online, many other social media users missed the question being asked – yet still continued to keep the trend going.

Sure, the results were really, really confusing for everybody. But they were also very funny.

“Catherine of Aragon trending in the UK for the first time since 1536. Welcome back girl,” wrote one royal fan.

“Catherine of Aragon is trending so I can only assume she’s also thrown her hat into the ring to become the next Tory leader,” wrote another.

“My favourite thing about Catherine of Aragon trending is that you can’t find the actual reason she’s trending, and it’s just people commenting about how she’s trending,” pointed out a third.

The Historical Royal Palaces account also pointed out that the trend landed on an awkward date, writing: “Catherine of Aragon trending on Henry VIII and Jane Seymour’s 483rd wedding anniversary… Guuurl that’s shady ?️ Until her dying day, Catherine didn’t believe her and Henry’s annulment was genuine, signing her final letter to him, ‘Catherine the Queen’.”

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Then, the memes started to surface, including this classic.

Peak confusion was hit when a Twitter user wrote: “So Catherine of Aragon is trending. Is she up for Tory leadership? Has she endorsed a no-deal Brexit? Have Labour expelled her from the party? Has she joined the cast of Love Island 2019? Has she joined the James Charles drama? WE MUST KNOW.”

And another spoke for all of us, writing: “Catherine of Aragon is trending because she was an OG and the best of Henry VIII’s wives. Accept ye not substitutes.”

Even the queen herself didn’t have a clue what was going on, asking: “What have I done?”

It was a masterstroke of marketing (albeit 100% accidental) by the musical’s marketing team. Perhaps all six wives will get their time to trend, which means that Anne Boleyn is next. Memes at the ready! 

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