Heads up Will & Grace fans, two characters passionately kiss in the new reunion trailer

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In September, fans were teased with a 10-minute reunion episode made as an election special.

However, in January it was confirmed that a full-on Will & Grace revival was in the works, and a 10-episode series had been commissioned by US network NBC – with a five-minute trailer of the cast jokily discussing the reboot released in May.

Now a proper show teaser has landed on YouTube, ramping up excitement levels for the series start in September.

OK, it’s a mere 40 seconds long and doesn’t let us in on any of the storylines viewers could be seeing in autumn, but hardcore fans will be pleased to see Debra Messing (Grace), Eric McCormack (Will), Sean Hayes (Jack) and Megan Mullally (Karen) acting their usual selves – hopefully a reassuring sign for Will & Grace fans that the update won’t have messed too much with the winning formula.

In a clip that could have been filmed during the original run more than 10 years ago (seriously, these people do not age), there’s general fun being had and something of a make-out session between Jack and Karen.

The first series began in 1998 and the show wrapped after eight seasons in 2005.

Along with corset bags and chokers, we’re still flogging those Nineties and Noughties horses with questionable results, but this is one reboot it seems everyone is welcoming.

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