Happiness defined: 8 great wine-making kits for you to DIY your own vino

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Looking to spark a little more joy in your lockdown routine? Bring the joy of wine-making to your doorstep with these deliciously simple DIY kits.

We like a good project as much as the next woman in lockdown. And while piecing together an Ikea wardrobe or creating a garden wall holds a certain level of appeal, wine-making is a DIY project that hits a whole new level of goodness.

Imagine relishing the fruity punch of a good cabernet sauvignon that your own fair hands have created. It’s so much more wholesome than just drinking the stuff, and may even taste better too – since you know just how hard you worked for it.

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Of course, wine-making on a commercial scale involves a hefty dose of blood, sweat and tears (no matter what fantasies you may have about rambling through sun-dappled vineyards).

But – happy days – the make-at-home kits mean you can rattle through the process at a slightly more carefree pace. Some versions involve a little more time and work than others (say, growing your own vines). But either way, they hit the perfect mix of allowing you to be creative without having to invest too much.

And naturally, at the end of the process, you get to sample the fruits of your labour. It’s only polite, after all. Without further ado, here are the best wine-making kits to kickstart your next project this bank holiday weekend.

  • Grow your own grape vine

    Gardening is a boon for happiness, and this lovely kit lets you get hands-on with the soil by planting your own high-quality grape seeds complete with terracotta pots. A great addition to that windowsill collection of mint leaves/tomato vines, and one that’ll lead you along a journey of wine-making discovery.

    Not On The High Street, £17.95.

  • Rustle up some rosé

    This starter kit comes with all the bells and whistles you could possibly need for producing your own wine from scratch. Not just any old wine, mind you, but six bottles of California Connoisseur’s finest Zinfandel Blush Rose Wine. All you need to do is follow the instructions and hey, presto – homemade wine is yours for the brewing, with a three-week completion process.

    Brew UK, £45.28.

  • Get creative with chardonnay

    Shortcut your way to great DIY wine with this quick-fix box from Wine Buddy. In it, you’ll find everything you need for six bottles of chardonnay-style wine in just seven days. Better still, all the equipment is reusable and refillable, for the gift that keeps on giving. Just add sugar, water and enough wine bottles to store your booty.

    Yumbles, £25

  • Mix up your own merlot

    This Cellar 7 wine kit lets you bring the beauty of the winemaking process directly to your kitchen. It doesn’t include equipment (as with the kit above) but what it does deliver is fine European grape concentrates for a soft wine with hints of plum, blueberry and blackcurrant notes. All you have to do is add water, and you’ll have 50 bottles of wine to enjoy in just seven days’ time.

    Brew To Bottle, £40.13.

  • Produce a little prosecco

    There was a worldwide shortage of prosecco a few years ago, so really it makes sense to stock up on your own. This sweet starter’s box contains grape seeds, growing pots, compost discs and plant markers. May the prosecco-making fest commence…

    IWOOT, £11.99. 

  • Rustle up some pinot

    A crisp, floral pinot grigio is yours for the taking in just three weeks, thanks to this sweet beauty of a winemaking kit. Everything you need is in the box apart from water, and it produces a massive four litres of the good stuff. More than enough to see you through the next few weeks of lockdown.

    DIY My Wine Co., £24.26.

  • Harvest the hedgerows

    If you’re one of those people who has always hankered after the fantasy of producing their own hedgerow wine – fresh from the natural plumes of summer – this is the kit for you. It contains all the ingredients required to make 4.5 litres of fruit wine; you’ll just have to line up the actual fruit, sugar and equipment. Recipes for elderberry, gooseberry, peach, rhubarb and more wines are also included.

    Sandy Leaf Farm, £6.99.

  • Cultivate your own wine crate

    A fabulous-looking kit that comes with two readymade grape vines – one red and one white – with a crate to eventually showcase your spoils in. The grape varieties have been specially chosen to thrive in the fickle British climate, so you shouldn’t struggle to get them growing. This would make a lovely gift, either for a loved one or – like all the best presents – for yourself.

    Not On The High Street, £52.

Images: Unsplash, brands’ own

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