Woman diagnosed with terminal breast cancer holds amazing solo wedding shoot

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It’s the sort of news that would floor most of us: a terminal cancer diagnosis at the age of 27. But this woman’s incredibly positive take on her illness is definitely one to admire.

After being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, Q May Chen decided singlehood and terminal illness wouldn’t deter her from fulfilling her childhood dream, so she held a wedding photoshoot – minus the groom.

“When I was younger, I loved to dress up and always hoped that I would one day be able to do my own wedding shoot when I got married," she told BuzzFeed News.

Four years ago, Chen received treatment for stage two breast cancer and was told she was cancer free.

Two years later, however, her cancer returned all the more aggressively – and doctors informed Chen that her condition was terminal. It was then she decided to hold this lavish looking shoot, taking the term ‘independent woman’ to new levels.

The photos were taken at a manor in Yangming Mountain, Taiwan – and Chen treated herself to four different coloured gowns for the experience, each of which she chose to represent a different side of her personality.

“The red is for personality, pink is sweet, white yarn is princess, and gauze is sexy,” she told

Hoping to inspire others, Chen revealed that she came forward to tell the world her story as she wanted to give others who are also going through difficult times the urge to stay alive.

“I couldn't have known that stage four cancer was waiting for me, but I'm making the most of the limited time we all have,” she told Buzzfeed.

Chen continued: “I feel like sometimes it may seem like God has made you fall over, but maybe it's actually him pushing you to achieve something more.”

As well as the photoshoot, Chen has been working to fulfill a number of her life dreams: last year she passed her driving test so that she can “go anywhere she wants without depending on others.” 

For now though, the destination is Bali, where Chen’s planning to have a “honeymoon” with her mum.

Clearly somebody who sees the glass (of reception champagne) half-full, Chen also offered her own empowering take on life, saying: “I realised that even though I am alone, I can accomplish so much in life.

“You don't need to wait for someone to complete you.” 

[Via: Buzzfeed]

[Images: Q May Chen]