We can’t believe this woman was sacked for not wearing a bra to work

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Kayleigh Dray
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Earlier this week, we brought you news of a US woman being thrown out of her own apartment building’s swimming pool (which she pays around £200 each month to use) for daring to wear a one-piece swimsuit.

Now, in a bid to make you feel even more glum about the state of the world, a young woman has alleged that she was fired from her job at East Yorkshire bar, Bird & Beer, after 1) being sexually harassed by her employer’s brother, and 2) being bullied for not wearing a bra underneath her high-necked top.

Sharing a photo of herself in the ‘offending’ plain grey t-shirt on Facebook, Kate Hannah wrote: “Yesterday an inappropriate sexual remark was made to me, by my manager’s brother, and in the presence of her.

“I felt uncomfortable, objectified and shocked that this had happened.”

However Hannah claims that her boss decided to handle the incident by insisting that she was to blame for the act of sexual harassment against her.

“She saw fit to deal with the situation by telling me that I'm not allowed into work in future unless I'm wearing a bra,” said Hannah.

“This was said to me inf ront of three other staff members and customers, leaving me feeling body shamed and completely shocked that the blame was being put onto me that I had been sexually harassed at work.

“She called me stupid, silly and over-the-top when I told her I was upset.”

Hannah continued: “I am absolutely disgusted, with the unprofessionalism, and blatant lack of respect for my right as a woman to wear whatever makes me personally comfortable.

“Nobody should EVER feel the need to hide themselves in order to stay away from unwanted sexual comments/behaviour.”

Shortly after her post went viral on Facebook (at time of writing, it has been shared over 600 times and generated 1,500 reactions), Bird & Beer released a statement claiming that Hannah’s comments were untrue.

“We can confirm that no employees have been dismissed from the company regarding these allegations,” they said.

“We have a duty of care to protect all of our employees from any discrimination or sexual harassment within the workplace and we take any comments towards our employees very seriously and act upon them immediately in a professional manner.”

However, Hannah has since responded to their comments.

“As everyone can see, Bird & Beer have denied my claims,” she wrote, in a comment beneath her own Facebook post.

“I was told flat out, I would not be able to go to work and do my job unless I was wearing a bra.

“I said I wouldn't be wearing a bra and I was told to leave work for the second day in a row.”

Hannah later added: “Apparently [going bra-less] makes people uncomfortable, and ‘not every woman wants to see them jiggling around whilst she's eating’. [This is] absolutely disgusting. 

“If people cant overt their eyes from my chest that's their f**king problem not mine.”

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