Woman’s incredible story about being harassed at a bar goes viral

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Susan Devaney
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One woman has shared her familiar story about being harassed at a bar and it’s gone viral. 

We’ve all been there: chilling in a coffee shop or perched at bar when a stranger approaches and won’t take no for an answer.

Which is why one woman in that exact situation took to Twitter to share how her personal story ended with a difference.

Amna Saleem, who was sitting reading a book while waiting for her boyfriend, was allegedly approached by a man who wanted to buy her a drink.

“A man approached me while I was reading and refused to accept that I wasn’t interested in being bought a drink or further conversation,” Saleem told Mashable

The conversation went something like this:

“Guy: …just one drink?

“Me: No, thank you.

“Guy: Come on, it’s just a drink.

“Me: Look, I’m sorry, I just want to read my book while I wait for my boyfriend.

“Guy: What, your boyfriend doesn’t let you have friends?

“Random woman: Clara? Hi! *hugs* (whispers) You okay?

“Women are great.”

“I was trying to remain polite so it didn’t escalate but I was getting irritated at which point a lovely woman nearby intervened pretending to be an old friend,” Saleem explained further.

Saleem’s tweet has since been retweeted 105,000 times and shared by over 522,000 users.

And people have taken to Twitter to show their appreciation:

“YES! Shout out to the random woman!,” wrote one user. 

“I’ve seen guys do this, too, when they thought a woman was being harassed. But yeah, women are awesome. Also, any of you not-so-smart fellows out there? One no should be enough! Back off. Read a book or something,” another user posted. 

One user tweeted in response to clarify it wasn’t an attack on men: 

“Y’know, if it had been a man who stepped in and was praised, women wouldn’t be lining up to say, women would do that too. It wasn’t an attack on men, it was praise of female solidarity. Take it at face value rather than reading more into it.”

With another user quickly backing her up:

“Right? Just once I would like to see a guy reply to one of these anecdotes with ‘Yeah, women really are great. It’s awesome you have each other’s backs out there. Sorry men can be such a**holes.’” 

Our faith in humanity has been restored.



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