This woman hatched a brilliantly simple plan to get revenge on her ex

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Call off the search: we’ve officially found the most genius revenge strategy of all time.

We’ve all had an ex-partner who we believe is worthy of a little karmic retribution and, sometimes, said retribution needs a small shove in the right direction.

Which is exactly what one woman decided to do when she was “screwed over” by a date – with spectacular results.

We would not normally advocate this type of behaviour of course, but given that the ex in question is clearly impressed rather than annoyed with her strategy, choosing to share it online himself and fully acknowledging he treated her badly, we’re on board with this one.

Sharing a screenshot of a series of texts, the man, named Daniel Jones, wrote, “A girl I screwed over once upon a time now gives my number to all the guys she's not interested in at the bars. Well played.”

In the screenshot, we can see a series of incoming texts from an unknown number, starting from 12.51 am when (we like to think) Jones was at home trying to sleep.

“Slide thru,” reads the first.

“Where y’all,” reads the second.

“What up,” reads the insistent third.

Then, when Jones finally responds some nine hours later to ask who is messaging him, he gets the reply: “Jared I bought you Vegas bombs last night lmao”.

The messages prompted Jones to share his ex’s strategy online, where Twitter users reacted with glee to her scheming ways.

“THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA holy sh*t,” wrote one woman.

“Twitter gives me great ideas everyday,” another added.

The tweet quickly went viral, with almost 63,000 likes and 16,000 retweets at time of writing.

You can see more of the best reactions to the genius strategy below, and remember: it might just be useful to memorise your ex’s phone number after all…

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