Woman sparks internet debate after complaining about “cheap” engagement ring

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Kayleigh Dray

How much is not enough?

Jennifer Lopez famously said that “love don’t cost a thing” – and it’s a popular philosophy that is shared (or at least professed to be shared) by many of us.

However, there’s also another school of thought, and it goes a little something like this: “The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the bird and bees.

“I want money. That’s what I want.”

People rarely confess to the above, no matter how practical it might sound on paper. Possibly because they’re a teeny bit ashamed of their hidden “materialistic” side, but mostly because they know that society will tear them a new one for it.

Which is why it’s so oddly refreshing that a woman – let’s call her Julie – has decided to go public with her misery over her “cheap” engagement ring.

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Writing on Mumsnet, she explained that her partner “proposed and presented me with the ring he’d chosen – a diamond solitaire in white gold”.

While Julie was “so happy and excited to accept”, she was “disappointed” when she spotted the “small” diamond ring her boyfriend had selected for her. And she felt even more let down when she caught sight of the receipt.

“His salary is nearing a six-figure sum,” said Julie, “and he’s usually very generous.”

So what’s this paltry sum, then?

Julie revealed it was £1,300: “Which is a lot less than I would have imagined he would have spent on such a significant piece of jewellery.”

Feeling disheartened by her husband-to-be’s thriftiness (because, yes, forking out over a grand is apparently considered thrifty), she sought the advice of the Mumsnet community, asking if anyone else had ever been in a similar situation.

The response, however, was far less comforting than she had hoped for.

“Holy f**king shit,” wrote one, “Is this serious or are you trolling?”

“£1,300 quid is a lot of money to most people (I don't give a sh*t how much he earns) and you sound like the worst person imaginable. I hope he dumps you.”

Another added: “I would prepare to be flamed and called ‘grabby’, to be honest.”

“If you'd said you didn't like the style I'd have been fairly sympathetic. But if it's simply not big and flashy enough... well, it sounds like you're more interested in showing off the ring than you are in him,” suggested one commenter.

And still one more said: “Blimey. I'd have been delighted; talk about being ungrateful.”

But not everyone thought the woman was being unreasonable.

One user said: “You will get flamed for this and people will call you grabby but I can see where you are coming from — not the cost per se but the fact u will be wearing it every day and u are not totally in love with it. I can see both viewpoints.”

While another added: “You are the person who will be wearing the ring and having to look at it all day every day. The cost is not as much of a factor but you must be happy with the look of the ring.

“Just tell him you are not keen on the setting and you would prefer to choose another ring together.”

Another commenter had a few stern words for all of the original poster’s critics, writing: “Talk about sisterhood!

“Most of you seem to think it’s fine for a woman to be presented with any old ring, chosen by the man, and should be f**king grateful to be proposed to and given a ring.”

So, refreshingly honest or missing the point?

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