Women exact perfect revenge on man who accidentally started group chat with them all

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Kayleigh Dray
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These women have set the internet on fire with their true tale of f**kboys, social media and the sisterhood.

Anyone who has dabbled in dating will know the drill by this point: you match with someone, you start chatting, things take a turn for the flirtatious and then BAM – you fall in love and live happily ever after.

Ha, yeah… not quite. However, digital romances tend to have a higher success rate when a) you customise your conversations to each individual person you connect with, and b) you don’t add all the people you fancy to one awkward-as-hell group chat.

These are pretty basic tips, sure, but college student ‘Kyle’ learned this lesson the hard way when he decided to send the same message and (apparently nude) photo to multiple women on Snapchat.

Instead of sending these as individual messages, though, he accidentally invited the women into the same conversation – much to their endless amusement.

Sharing the story on Twitter, Elizabeth (who was one of those lucky enough to catch Kyle’s eye) explained: “I hung out with this guy a couple of times last semester.

“This morning he tried to Snapchat me and a bunch of other girls, but accidentally started a huge groupchat and…”

… and they decided to troll him for it. Hard.

“Kyle probably wanted to send nudes to all of us, but ended up creating a group,” wrote one of the women (all of whom have had their names censored).

“Happens to the best of us,” another said sagely.

And then one, whom we shall refer to as ‘Katie’, dropped this humdinger of a line: “We should kick him out of the group and send each other nudes.”

Naturally, everyone thought this suggestion was brilliant – and it encouraged them to find out more about one another.

“My name is May,” said one, “and I have a really cute dog.”

Then they began shooting each other photos (“Wait, excuse me – HOW ARE YOU ALL SO HOT?”) and quickly realised that they were better off without Kyle. The women did, however, acknowledge that they owed Kyle a debt of gratitude for bringing them all together in such an unexpected way.

“Kyle accidentally started a lesbian cult,” joked one.

“He didn’t even know what he was capable of,” added another.

“Honestly, this is pretty great,” said one. “Thanks Kyle!”

And one more, summing things up perfectly, added: “He’s such an idiot.”

Unsurprisingly, Elizabeth’s tweet went viral with over 109,000 retweets and 389,000 likes.

And yes, we got a photo of the cute dog (see above).

Kyle, though, is not the first man to attempt to have his cake and eat it: last year, Twitter user Lisette Pylant pretty much broke the internet when she revealed that her friends had tried to set her up with a man (who remains anonymous) on her birthday.

They arranged to meet at the bar where their mutual friend works – but, 45 minutes into their date, another woman showed up. And then another, and another, and another, and another.

That’s right: the guy (whom we shall name ‘Cretin’) managed to score six dates in one night – and thought he could book them all in back-to-back with barely a breath between.

Pylant made it her mission to steal all of Cretin’s dates and they all went for drinks together, leaving Cretin with zero romantic prospects and themselves with an awesome new group of friends to hang out with.

All hail the sisterhood. We genuinely can’t wait for this viral tale (which you can read in all of its glorious entirety here) to be turned into the film it so clearly deserves to be.

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