The 2019 Women’s March on London – as it happened

Can’t make it to the ‘Bread and Roses’ Women’s March on Saturday? Follow Stylist’s liveblog here.

The global Women’s March started in January 2017 as a reaction to the inauguration of Donald Trump. Last year, the march took place in summer, asking us all to #BringTheNoise while Trump visited the UK.

And this year, on 19 January, we carried on the tradition with the Bread and Roses rally. Drawing on a long history of women’s protest, the phrase ‘bread and roses’ was first used in 1911 by Rose Schneiderman, a suffragist and union organiser in the US, who argued that all women deserved joy, pleasure and opportunity as well as the bare necessities for survival.

“What the woman who labours wants is the right to live, not simply exist,” Schneiderman said in a speech. “The worker must have bread, but she must have roses too.” 

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The Women’s March against Donald Trump’s visit to London – as it happened

“We’re building on the bread and roses theme, not adopting it wholesale,” Women’s March organiser Aisha Ali-Khan tells Stylist. “We want to use the history, the movement, but bring it up to date.”

Because Team Stylist doesn’t just talk the talk, we once again walked the Women’s March in London, calling for a better quality of life for women everywhere. 

Here is everything that happened during the event:

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