This video of a little girl crying over meeting Wonder Woman is unbearably cute

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Moya Crockett
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We already knew that Wonder Woman was an important film for women, thanks in no small part to the endless photos on social media of little girls dressed up as their new hero. Representation matters, and thanks to gender- and race-diverse blockbusters like Wonder Woman, Star Wars and the upcoming A Wrinkle in Time, an entire generation of children will grow up alongside kick-ass movie characters who look like them.

So it’s not surprising that for one small Wonder Woman fan, meeting Gal Gadot at Comic Con in San Diego was more than a little overwhelming. A video of the pair’s interaction was posted on Twitter, where its cuteness made thousands of Wonder Woman fans around the world lose their minds:

Thanks to background noise at the meet-and-greet, it’s not clear from the clip exactly what Gadot and the little girl said to each other. However, we can see Gadot listening intently to the mini-Wonder Woman, and holding her hands as she cries.

Gadot’s male Justice League co-stars also chip in to offer support to the little girl. Ben Affleck – whose mere presence reduces another young fan to tears in the video – points out what a “sweet kid” she is, while Ezra Miller tells her that she should be proud of her tears.

“You’re a warrior, you’re a warrior,” says Miller. “I think the ability to let yourself cry is what makes you such a warrior.

“Come join the Justice League whenever you get ready, huh?”

A woman claiming to be the little girl’s mother eventually piped up on Twitter, saying that her daughter was crying happy tears.

All together now: aww.

Main image: Rex Features