Working from home: 16 things every dog owner knows to be true about WFH

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Kayleigh Dray
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16 things every dog owner working from home knows to be true

Prepare to sit in the most uncomfortable positions ever, solely so your dog is comfortable. 

The coronavirus lockdown means that more of us are working from home than ever before. And, while nobody enjoys being cooped-up, it’s worth noting that there are some who are benefiting from this enforced WFH situation.

That’s right: our dogs are absolutely loving life now that we’re working from home for the foreseeable future. Indeed, this writer is typing this article with one hand, while tossing a tennis ball across the room with the other for her beloved lurcher to chase. Multitasking at its finest, right?

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With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about working alongside your canine colleagues, as told by social media memes and funny tweets.


They’re big fans of this WFH situation

Really big. Huge, to paraphrase Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Case in point?

Yeah, this is what you WFH looks like to them

And they’re willing to take full advantage of it

Prepare to sit in the most uncomfortable positions ever, solely so they’re comfortable (as I type this, my right leg is crooked up and out, so that it can cushion my lurcher’s head. Blood supply is steadily slowing and I presume I’ll lose at least two toes as a result, but it’s worth it).

Although there are some risks involved

Yes, they really can wag their tails too hard. Remember that, please.

Which means, yeah, you can’t work from the sofa

If you do, they’ll be on your lapin a matter of moments. 

Stylist’s Lauren Geall has exhibited the following photo as evidence:

Working from home: realities of WFH with a dog

I mean, it doesn’t look too terrible to us, but trust us: Lauren knows what she’s talking about.

Your desk is no longer your own


And you’ll need to keep an eye on your peripheries

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As Lauren says: “I’m no longer able to move my chair without checking he’s not sleeping on the floor behind me.”

They will insist on being a part of your Zoom meetings

And everyone is usually much more excited to see your dog than you, but… yeah, you’re fine with that. You love people who love your dog.

You will be forced to ask some deep questions

Whether they’re staring at a spot on the wall, cocking their head at imaginary noises or just zooming around the house, your furry friend will keep you on your toes. 


Your furry friend will be very keen for you to take regular screen breaks

… perhaps a little too keen, maybe.

Because they will want to play fetch with you

Forever. And ever. And ever.

And be stroked by you

Multi-tasking is vital now, as you’re going to be stroking with one hand and typing with the other. 

Fair warning: expect extreme side-eye if you fail to keep this up.

And you’re probably going to say two words more than any others during lockdown

Good boy, or good girl. Over and over and over again. This is your destiny, dog owners.

Plus, your lunchbreaks are going to be entirely dedicated to them

Who needs to eat when you can throw a ball back and forth for 60 minutes and make your dog explode with joy, eh?

You will need to finish on time

We don’t know how they know, but they know.

And prepare to feel guilty if you don’t

Like… really, really guilty.

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Despite all the guilt-inducing puppy dog eyes, though, and all those lunch hours whiled away playing fetch, rest assured that WFH with a dog is… it’s magical. No human colleague will ever be so excited to see you, nobody will endure you singing so loudly at your desk, and nobody will validate your choices so enthusiastically (a wagging tail is 100% permission to take that second tea break before 11am, in our opinion).

And so, with that in mind, all hail the WFH dogs of the world. You are all SUCH GOOD DOGS!!!

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Main image courtesy of Stylist’s Lauren Geall.


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