From the dancing lady to the aubergine; what does your most-used emoji say about you?

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Are your text message exchanges littered with smiley faces, aubergines, lightning bolts and clenched fists? Then you're well and clearly an emoji convert, using the full gamut of shapes, objects and faces to express feelings that words just can't convey. 

And after it was recently announced that emoji is now the fastest growing language in the UK, we thought it was high time someone set out a clear definition of what the most loved emojis ACTUALLY means. 

So, without further ado (and just for fun), see our key of what your favourite emoji says about you:

STRONG ARM: Radical Feminist Revolutionary

If strong arm is your go-to emoji, you’re a born reactionary; fighting against the patriarchy one emoji at a time. You’ve got a will of iron and you won’t let no one rain on your badass feminist parade.

If you’re a man, however, and this is your favourite emoji, it signals that you’re probably a lad, a thuggish brute or addicted to the gym and injecting protein shakes into your eyeballs at regular intervals. We suggest you embrace the bunch of roses emoji to off-set your unhealthy levels of testosterone. 


The sassy girl emoji is actually an information desk woman. But, we shall ignore that because there is empirical evidence (maybe) to show that nobody in their right mind has ever used this emoji to mean information desk, or has need to say ‘information desk’ in emoji form. This woman is therefore sassy girl emoji. If this is your emoji of choice, you’re a sassy sista. You ain’t got time for nobody’s BS and you roll up all over the place giving no second thoughts to the haters. We all want to be you, sassy sista. 

AUBERGINE: Filthy mind

If the aubergine is in your most-used emoji list, hang your head in shame. Not really, you're great fun. You've got a filthy mind and you're the first to make an innuendo about absolutely everything. You love to question your friends in great detail after they've been on a date and ask the questions no one else would. You're the one your friends come to for 'bedroom' advice and you're always ready with a dirty joke in a bleak situation. Keep the aubergine out of the office, though.

SEE NO EVIL MONKEY: Queen of Self-Deprecation

We love the see no evil monkey. It’s adorable and, occasionally we all do something that makes us want to hide behind our hands. But if the see no evil monkey is your top emoji, chances are you’re always making a ninny out of yourself. You're the one who trips over themselves in a classy cocktail bar and soaks everyone in sight, you'll run into your ex looking hungover and wretched and you often turn up for work looking a little worse for wear. But you're never ashamed and you're always ready to embrace your absurdities. Never change, you provide us with so much joy.

CLAPPY HANDS: Excitable child

You are loving life. You use clappy hands in almost any situation; from news of your friend’s engagement to being first in line at the self-service check-out in Lidl. You’re a positive and wonderful person to be around, spreading good vibes like Tinker Bell sprinkles fairy dust. But sometimes you jump up and down doing clappy hands and people want to kick you. Try to inject some cynicism into your emojis before people start to think you’re disingenuous. We recommend the gun emoji – it’s powerful enough to counterbalance your situation. 

KISSY FACE: Everyone’s Darling

If you use the kissy face more than any other emoji, you’ve got a lot of love to give. You’re probably the type who kisses their friends on the lips and calls everyone ‘sweetheart’ and ‘babe’ and that’s cool because you spread the love and make everyone’s day. You know when kissy face emoji is exactly what someone needs to see after a long hard day in the overwhelming modern world. You’ve got a heart of gold. 

WAILING FACE: Moaning Myrtle

If you’re over-using this emoji, chances are you’re a Moaning Myrtle and everything makes you wail. You can’t handle when things don’t go your way and if you spill milk you will almost definitely cry. Try to lighten up a little, things ain’t so bad. Here, let us play the tiny little violin emoji to dramatise your overreaction to…everything. 


You’re a virgin who can’t drive.

Kidding, you love cherries and you’re just making sure everyone gets their five a day. Keep up the good work.

DANCING LADY: Party girl

You’re a legitimate party girl. You love dressing up for a big night out and you’re always the first and last person at the party. You are the party. You’ve got bucket loads of confidence and you don’t care who knows it – happily dancing away like a lunatic whilst others sip on their wine spritzers hating life. You’re also a saucy minx, showing off your ankle like a Victorian hussy. We love that about you. 


You're a sycophant. You praise everyone for everything. If someone needs outfit advice, you will send this instead of your actual opinion, if someone asks what you think of their new hair, you send this rather than admit they look like a wild tiger and should shoot their hairdresser. You're also a little bit of a doormat. You send this emoji in group messages in response to restaurant suggestions that make your stomach churn, instead of speaking up. If you use this emoji to play a digital version of the playground 'circle game' then you need to move on from your school days, you're 39, come on.


You’re a giggle pants, you find anything and everything hilarious and it’s contagious. You’re also the first person to laugh at your own misfortunes which makes you a great person to be around in rubbish situations. 

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