The most “nerve-wracking” sex position has been revealed

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New research has revealed the sex positions we’re most nervous to try, and the results make for some rather interesting reading.

Everybody’s sexual preferences are different. A position that sounds utterly cringe-worthy to you, could be someone else’s greatest fantasy. And although it might be a little weird to ask your friends about theirs, if you’re secretly nosy, you’ll be very interested in this new research.

Superdrug Online Doctor has done an extensive survey into the sexual preferences of 1,000 women and men across Europe and the US, asking a series of questions “to see what can make sex so nerve-wracking rather than pleasure-inducing.”

The topics look at the participant’s feelings towards using sex toys, BDSM and trying different positions for the first time.

Of course, because of the individual likes and experiences of those surveyed, the results are very varied. But there’s one section which prompted a noticeably stronger response; the sexual scenarios participants feel least comfortable doing.

It’s important to point out the survey is referring to physically difficult to manoeuvre positions, as opposed to feeling coerced into a sexual act.

By this point you’ve probably got an image in your mind of what you think the least comfortable position is, but do others agree with you?

The missionary position was seen as the most comfortable position 

The answer is…*drum roll* the 69 standing position. 

Don’t worry if this one never even came on to your radar, as one member of the team pointed out “you’d have to be going with The Rock to try this one.”

For those who aren’t familiar, this is your classic 69 position in which both sexual partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously, but in this version, one person stands upright, holding the other off the ground and close to their body with both arms wrapped around their waist. Sounds pretty tricky.

56.8% of women surveyed felt this is the most nerve-wracking position they could try, closely followed by 42.7% of men.

Participants found that anal sex was the second most difficult position to do, with 54.6% of women saying that they would find trying this uncomfortable. Although men felt less concerned by this position than women, 30.5% still considered it a difficult one to pull off.

In third place was another particularly athletic position: 24.8% of women would pass on the kneeling wheelbarrow, and 18.6% of men agreed. If you’re struggling to picture this in your head, the premise is for person one to place both hands on the floor while person two stands behind them. Person one wraps their legs around person two’s waist, who holds their hips for support. Let’s just say if you want to try this one, you might need some core strength.  

See the info-graphic displaying the fifteen position people feel least comfortable doing below:  

Superdrug Online Doctor survey

Unsurprisingly the missionary position sits at the bottom of the list, being seen as the most comfortable of all the sex positions. 

Although this insight into the sexual preferences of others is pretty fascinating, Superdrug Online Doctor makes the very important point that, “ultimately, honest communication is your best tool for exploring your partner’s body and discovering new routes to sexual satisfaction along the way.” Here, here. 

Images: Superdrug Online Doctor / iStock / Toa Heftiba


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