The five worst TV shows ever, according to Rotten Tomatoes

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Rotten Tomatoes users have identified these five TV shows as the worst ever made, but do you agree?

Opinion is a beautiful thing; it creates democracy, marks our individualism and can never be taken away from you. And we love when our opinions are shared by the masses: it gives us a sense of belonging and, y’know, smug validation.

With this in mind, entertainment reviews website Rotten Tomatoes has revealed the only TV shows to have ever received a 0% rating on the site, concluding them definitively as the worst of the worst.

Digital Spy reports that the following five shows were enjoyed by literally no one on the site, so if you’ve been dying to have a rant about one of these series or find a kindred spirit that shares your disappointment with them, your time has come…

5. The Kennedys: After Camelot 

Katie Holmes in The Kennedys: After Camelot

This two-part drama follows in the aftermath of 2011’s mini-series The Kennedys, and the life of Jacqueline Kennedy (Katie Holmes) after the assassination of her husband and President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. 

Produced by and starring Holmes, we would have loved for this one to do better. Unfortunately, though, the people of Rotten Tomatoes have spoken, and it’s not good news. 

One reviewer gave a rather scathing analysis of the drama, which was released in April 2017, writing: “Turns out the best way to experience this absurd, horribly written, curiously acted soap opera is to keep your humor about you, to jeer-watch as the characters become tabloid parodies.”

Another criticised its non-existent “dramatic structure” and lack of emotion, calling it a “four-hour mess”.

Interest been piqued? Hey, no judgement -sometimes something is so bad it’s good. Watch the trailer here.

4. Saint George

Starring George Lopez, Saint George is a sit-com which revolves around the life of a successful Mexican-American entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, USA. 

The show’s synopsis describes George’s life as “hectic” because of his commitment to his eleven-year-old son, “demanding” ex-wife and “overbearing mother”. Isn’t it interesting that his main source of hassle seems to derive from the women in his life? We can already imagine how these misogynistic, stereotypical female characters are played out and it sounds like reviewers have confirmed our suspicions. 

According to reviews, most of the humour delivered in the show comes from tired, over-used sex, penis and fat jokes, which paints a slap-stick, outdated and potentially derogatory picture. 

One Rotten Tomatoes user wrote: “Like many a sitcom male, [George Lopez] may have outsized expectations. Based on the penis and fat-joke-ridden pilot (titled “Won’t Get Fooled Again”), I’m keeping mine pretty low.”

Another said: “The jokes are mostly about sex and when they’re not, there is a bit of meanness to them that gets really old after a bit.”

3. Charlie’s Angels

We’re a sucker for the story of three badass women, touring the world, fighting bad guys and kicking some serious ass, but from the looks of Rotten Tomatoes, the 2011 series seriously missed its mark. 

No doubt intended to recreate the success felt by the original Seventies series, or the mega-hit films starring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu in the early 2000s, this seven-episode series never got past season one after launching in 2011. 

The biggest problem reviewers reported was that the series felt very… well, bland. It was described as having “no thrills, no sexiness, no laughs”, and some even compared it to “pre-chewed food” (meaning they found it to be devoid of character and texture, obviously). 

One reviewer said: “It wasn’t camp enough to be funny, the action barely kicked shin let alone ass and the story (drugs in Miami, yawn) was colder than leftover Christmas turkey.”

2. Dads

Debuted in 2013, nineteen-part series Dads is based on lives of two friends Eli Sachs (Seth Green) and Warner Whittemore (Giovanni Ribisi), who are also successful video game developers. As their achievements continue to roll in, they spare a thought for their dads, who have both fallen on harder times. The men decide to invite their fathers into the fold, and simultaneously ask them to come and live with them. 

According to Rotten Tomatoes reviewers the big problem with this show is the writing. It has been accused of being lazy, predictable and unfunny, at its best. At its worst, users have blasted it for crude, lewd language, bigotry and casual racism. 

One reviewer used some particularly vivid imagery to describe season one, writing: “Dads looks like something you’d pick out of an infected cyst.”

Another summed it up by saying: “Dads, a show about two annoying grown men’s extremely fraught and contentious relationships with their two unbearable fathers, is sourer than fermented lemonade, and that’s before it turns acrid with the taste of casual racism.”


1. Hunters

Hunters is officially the worst show ever according to Rotten Tomatoes users.

Inspired by author Whitley Strieber’s novel Alien Hunter, season one follows Baltimore FBI agent and former soldier Flynn Carroll (Nathan Phillips) as he searches for his missing wife, Abby (Laura Gordon). His investigation into her disappearance leads him to a secret government organisation… and it is at this point that all hell breaks loose. Obviously.

Accused of being low-budget and cliche, this show was doomed from episode one. Reviews of the show carried a similar theme, with many noticing the extent of references stolen from more successful sci-fi TV shows and films, and cheaply imitated here. 

One Rotten Tomatoes reviewer said: “Hunters borrows many familiar beats from other TV shows and films. Too bad it doesn’t weave those samples into a wholly original or inspiring new tune.”

Another agreed, writing: “Hunters is a dour sci-fi procedural whose every story beat is joylessly copied from more interesting shows, and whose pretensions toward political allegory are too simplistic to be truly offensive.”

On a brighter note, if you’re looking for something that isn’t considered entirely codswallop, take a look at the first film to ever receive a 100% rating on the reviews site, which also happens to be an inspired, feminist, instant cult-classic.

Greta Gerwig’s Ladybird achieved a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes and definitely deserves your attention, of which can be proved, here.

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