The best yellow interior design inspiration and ideas on Instagram

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Megan Murray
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Yellow is the colour of the moment, and we want a piece of that lemon-filled pie for ourselves. Here, we’ve trawled Instagram for the best slices of citrusy home inspiration, so you don’t have to.

Come rain or shine, the colour yellow is a sure fire way to bring the sun inside - especially when used for interior design. 

It’s a shade that packs a punch, making it a glorious choice for a statement piece of furniture or feature wall. But, for those who don’t want to go all out, there are plenty of ways to work this trend for your abode: think a bright light fixture, a buttery bathtub or stairs the colour of sunshine. 

To give you a helping hand (and a healthy dose of inspiration), we’ve collected our favourite examples from the oracle that is Instagram, and added suggestions of where to get the materials you need.

In short, we’ve given you everything you need to make your decor dreams become reality. Good luck!

A bright bathtub 

Free standing baths always give a bathroom an indulgent boost, but, if you want to take the wow-factor one step further, make that tub pop with a lick of yellow paint. 

Now, we must warn you that free standing baths are pretty damn expensive, and it’s very rare to find one that’s already yellow (although we found a yellow/gold one here). But with special waterproof bathroom paint and a handy YouTube video, it is possible to paint your bath yourself which means picking the exact shade you want. 

A patch that pops 

Once upon a time, the feature wall was everything. So for some, this would seem like the best way to introduce a flash of yellow, to an otherwise unassuming room. But guess what - there is another way. For those who feel that a whole wall of sunshine yellow might be a step too far, or if you just fancy mixing things up, this abstract addition ticks all the boxes (geddit?). 

We particularly like that this square of colour is positioned just above the bottom of the door, and angled slightly to the right, but there really are no rules with this technique. Just visualise your space and pick a spot, but be careful to measure your shape meticulously before you put paint to plaster. 

Go neon 

Neon signs, like the example above, will always fall in and out of favour. There was a time when every new bar we walked into had one strung up, screaming out an amusing/empowering/ironic phrase. For some reason, though, it doesn’t matter how many times we see it done, they always catch our eye and prompt an Instagram snap. We will admit that having something like this in, your bedroom for instance, might be a bit much - but it could definitely be a cool addition to an office space. 

A mustard sofa 

When it comes to picking the perfect shade of yellow, there are plentyto choose from. When it comes to a sumptuous, velvety sofa, though, the obvious way forward is mustard. 

Rich, cosy and very chic, mustard lends itself well to interior trends in general. If you’re looking to snag yourself some seating like this one, we recommend having a look at Loaf, Wayfair and Rose & Grey. You’re yel-come. 

Put pastels on your patio 

How effortlessly cool does this yellow, outdoors ensemble look? Not everyone has access to the same structure of space as the takers of this pretty picture, but you can recreate the vibe with some casual floor cushions in a range of hues. We particularly like these ones from Urban Outfitters

A statement chandelier 

Don’t get us wrong, a chandelier is pretty much always a statement. If you really want to turn heads (towards the ceiling that is), though, then the only way is yellow. We like that this idea gives you the opportunity to experiment with colour without being too committed, as at eye-level nothing has really changed. But if you want to continue the yellow theme throughout the room, like in the image above, a vase here or a candle there will do just the trick.

This premise works with any type of lighting, so if a chandelier seems a little over the top, you can achieve the same look with a pendant lamp like this one from Habitat

Take it the floor 

What’s that you say - painting your walls yellow is too predictable, too safe? We couldn’t agree more. If you really want to turn a trend on its head, do the unexpected, and take it to the floor instead.

This example is pretty self explanatory, but another way to play it would be to use yellow Moroccan tiles, like these

Zesty yellow chairs

If the rulebook dictates that a dining room table purchase comes with matching chairs, let’s rip it up and start fresh. 

We absolutely love the contrast between this bright seating and the wooden table it’s arranged around. Make this idea yours and check out the budget-friendly dining chairs at Danetti

Stairway to heaven 

Stripped back, exposed wood staircases always look stylish, but we particularly love how well they fair after a coat of this positive colour. This example uses a strong, zingy hue but if you’re a little more faint-hearted, a softer shade would look just as good. 

Paint specialists Little Greene have a beautiful range of floor paints, but we especially like Carys yellow

Sunny storage 

Fancy giving your kitchen an update? Make like this Instagram user and give your kitchen cabinets a lick of paint for instant sunshine. We love the stylised clutter sitting atop the cabinets, especially the contrast between the red and blue tones.

You had me at yell-ow

Last, but certainly not least, if you can’t add a touch of yellow inside your house, try it on the outside instead! We love this plentiful selection especially for doors by Farrow & Ball. has had a yellow makeover on 15 August, to celebrate our Yellow Issue and pay homage to the colour of the season. Read more about the most playful shade of all here.

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