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Kare Adenegan: “Find your own path in the gym and don’t follow others”

Looking for some workout inspiration? Welcome to our new column, ‘This is what strong looks like’

Team GB paralympian and Nike athlete Kare Adenegan has just won silver in the T34 100m race at the World Para-Athletics Championships. Here, she tells Stylist what impact mental strength has on her life, and why we shouldn’t believe everything we see on Instagram.

What does strong mean to you?

I think strong is about being yourself and embracing yourself and believing in yourself and having that confidence that you can do whatever you want to.

What impact do you think mental strength has on your life?

A good impact – with sport you have to be focused. Sports psychology is quite important so having that mental strength is essential, especially going into a championship; you need to be mentally focused and mentally strong, because that will help you to perform at your best physically.

Some women feel intimidated at the gym, what’s your best advice for getting through this?

It’s about having a go, going to the gym and trying things out. It’s about not being afraid. Maybe find a strength and conditioning coach, or a trainer, who can encourage you. But it’s just about finding what works for you – find your own path in the gym and don’t follow what people are telling you to do, just because it works for them.

What should we remember when looking at other people’s fitness regimes on social media?

It’s not all real – people will post what they want people to see. So it’s important to do your own thing and share what you want to share, but remember that what’s on social media is not reality.

What’s your advice for women who are looking to gain strength both physically and mentally?

Go for it. Don’t be afraid, be patient, embrace and enjoy what you are doing.

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