Siobhan Freegard

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Stylist was joined by Siobhan Freegard for our weekly Lunchtime Masterclass web chat recently.

Siobhan is co-founder of Netmums, the UK’s biggest parenting website and is author of five books on parenting including How to be a Happy Mum. If you’ve got questions on anything to do with parenting or starting your own online business or website then join us this Friday.

Netmums has been going for over 10 years and is regarded as one of the UK’s most influential parenting websites, it has over a million members and over 10, 000 mums meeting up each month in ‘real life’ through the site.

Siobhan’s reason for starting the site was simple; “I went from being a successful, confident career girl to a wreck in a tracksuit who could hardly get out of the door when I had my first baby. I was very, very lonely. My mother was in Ireland; it was just me and the baby from 8am to 6pm. It took me two years to fully integrate myself into the world of toddler groups, baby yoga and The Wheels on the Bus singalong sessions. I now know there are lots of activities going on, but back then I had no idea.”

Staffed by health, counselling and medical professionals, as well as ordinary mums, Netmums allows parents to give and receive advice, information and support, while also giving them the opportunity to read about local news and events in their area. It gives an invaluable national online and real life support group for those who need it.

Netmums has recently launched the Real Parenting Revolution, which is challenging the unrealistic expectations of parenting and trying to put an end to the illusion of perfect parenting and instead championing the cause of everyday parents doing their best for their children.

Read the questions and Siobhan's answers from the Lunchtime Masterclass below.