7 podcasts to help improve your financial wellbeing

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Whether you have a little or a lot, making the most of your money situation can be a huge weight off your mind. We’ve rounded up seven of the best financial podcasts to help you get there…

Money might not be able to buy you happiness, but a solid financial understanding can certainly help. 

From being in control of your outgoings to preparing to put a deposit down on a property, a strong financial understanding can complement your overall wellbeing.

So whether you’re a business owner or just want to make sense of what’s going on in the economy, we’ve rounded up seven of the best podcasts that’ll help you get clued up on cash. Happy streaming.  

1. To make sense of today’s money issues

We consume a lot of news every single day, but do you understand the financial implications of it all?

That’s exactly what The Making Cents Podcast sets out to do, tackling the 2019 Tenant Fees Act, Universal Credit and Brexit (across multiple episodes) hosts Sam, Jerome, Kalisha and Francis hope to demystify financial jargon to improve your financial wellbeing.

2. For emerging entrepreneurs

Starting a business might take blood, sweat and tears, but it also requires cold, hard cash.

In the six-episode NatWest Women In Business podcast, broadcasting legend June Sarpong gets to the root of how a diverse range of young business women made it happen, with guests ranging from The British Fashion Council’s Caroline Rush, MOBO Award-founder Kanya King and Divine Chocolate’s Sophi Tranchell.

Listen in for tips on how you can replicate their success, with the help of NatWest’s Women In Business specialists.  

3. To get comfortable with the conversation

From the BBC Asian Network comes Deep, Down and Desi: All About The Money, a podcast hosted by sensible spender Rahat Siddique and splurger Faarea Masud.

Throughout this series, Rahat and Faarea explore the housing crisis, digital banks and teenage millionaires to try and understand today’s financial landscape.

This podcast is great if you’re looking to break through the stigma of talking about money. 

4. For practical advice on your commute

Whether you’re looking for advice on where to store your savings or how to deal with money triggers if it affects your mental health, Cash Chats with Andy Webb talks about it all.

Each week, Andy is joined by a money blogger to share tips and advice for how to spend wisely, beat debt and avoid scams, with episodes ranging from seven to 45 minutes - perfect for every length of commute. 

5. To boost your business strategy

Whether you already own a business or are thinking of starting one, Making Money Moves should be your next listen.

Hosted by Janet Oganah and Adonica Simmons, the podcast interviews female entrepreneurs to open up the conversation about money, mindsets and the moves they’ve made to build successful businesses.

Listen for tips and strategies from the likes of MDM Flow founder Florence Adepoju, makeup artist Kay Montano and blogger Kristabel Plummer.

6. To explore your emotional relationship with money

It might be an uncomfortable truth for some, but money and happiness are undeniably interlinked.

The Financial Wellbeing podcast leans into this fact, in a series of thought-provoking and practical episodes that assess everything from the power of negativity to the impact of social media on your financial literacy.

7. For a feminist slant on finances

Gaby Dunn hosts Bad With Money, taking an unapologetic look at money and how it intersects with social justice.

Through the series, Gaby covers the true cost of death, structural racism and shopping addictions from a queer, feminist perspective, joined by journalists, politicians and activists.

While Bad With Money comes out of the US, a lot of the financial principles discussed relate to our situation here in the UK, too.

Whether you’re thinking about investing or just looking to talk about any financial issues you may have, join A Woman’s Worth Collective – a space created by Stylist and NatWest for women to get free tips on what they can be doing to improve their financial wellbeing, with no judgments or biases.

NatWest is the bank that believes ‘we are what we do’. Whatever your financial needs, they’ll do all they can to help keep your relationship with money healthy.

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