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Why every woman needs to read this apology from a banker

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When it comes to finances, most women feel a sense of dread. Which is exactly why this letter is so important…

Sickness, panic, guilt – chances are you’ve felt at least one of those when casting a weary eye over your bank account.

You’re not alone. In fact, recent research has revealed 61% of us would rather talk about death than money.

The word ‘empowered’ is hardly anywhere to be seen when it comes to women and their finances, despite the fact that we’re becoming more financially independent than before.

Because we’ve all been there – wondering where the hell our pension is from our first job, trying to figure out whether ISAs are a good option, or what on earth an ETF tracker is.

We’ve been in the bank branch where our male counterparts are addressed more than us; at the restaurant when the cheque has been handed to the only man at the table; and we’ve been embarrassed to ask how bitcoin works, regardless of our investible cashflow. 

Most of us aren’t taught about finance at school, and by the time we start earning, the only advice we hold onto is to save money for a rainy day. Because that’s what we’ve been told to do, repeatedly.

Enter Mr Banker, who has penned a public apology to all women on behalf of those who have perpetuated the way outdated financial institutions speak to women…

A letter of apology from an outdated financial institution

As Mr Banker says himself, the historical behaviour of only addressing the male population as the breadwinners and the only ones interested in making their money grow has led to a financial confidence gap between men and women.

Because even though women are statistically the ones more likely to be in control of household finances and make better investors, around 42% of women don’t feel confident around finances compared to 28% of men.

We at Stylist believe financial equality is the next frontier of feminism. It’s high time women were included in the conversation to start to close that confidence gap and rid us of financial gender stereotypes.

To combat the issue, we’ve teamed up with NatWest, who recognise the importance of enabling women to feel confident when it comes to their finances – whether that’s looking at investment as an option instead of saving or just being spoken to by people who get you.

NatWest have pledged to change the way banks talk to women about money and have promised to listen. They want to hear from you about what you need to level the financial playing field and how they can help you achieve that.  

So, together we’ve launched A Woman’s Worth Collective, a space for women to talk openly about their finances and learn from others what we haven’t previously been taught, from money worries or exploring how to grow your finances.

Join the conversation now and become a financial feminist. 

NatWest is the bank that believes ‘we are what we do’. Whatever your financial needs, there’s a product created with you in mind to help keep your relationship with money healthy:

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