This story about a stolen dog’s epic journey to get home for Christmas should be turned into a film

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It took a team of 15 volunteers four days and one epic car journey, but they managed to get him home to his family in time for the festive season.  

The tale of Zeus, a nine year old pitbull stolen from his home in Montana who travelled more than 3,200 kilometres to get back to his family in time for Christmas, is a story worthy of the most heartwarming Christmas film.

This is how it begins. Back in October, he was stolen from his family – single mum Cassandra Rasmussen and her two daughters – in Montana by a lodger, who disappeared from the house with Zeus, money and other possessions in tow. 

For weeks the Rasmussens were distraught, desperate for news about the location of their beloved dog. Finally, when the culprit was apprehended and arrested, with Zeus in her possession, the authorities checked Zeus’ microchip and realised that they had found the missing dog.

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The only problem? Zeus had been discovered in West Virginia, some 3,218 kilometres from the Rasmussens’ home in Montana. And because he weighed 33 kilograms, Zeus was too big to be taken on a commercial flight from West Virginia back to Montana. 

The solution was simple: Zeus would have to drive back to Montana. So the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association and Many Paws Volunteer Transport joined forces and worked together to get Zeus back to the Rasmussens in time for the festive season.

A team of 15 volunteers worked together, driving for four days,with pit stops, driving shifts and sleepovers, to get Zeus back to his family.

“It’s wonderful, this is a great experience,” Jenn Robles, one of the drivers who helped get Zeus home, told Fox News. “A great opportunity to show the people and communities across the United States offering to help jumping on this to help reunite this dog with its family.” 

Today, Zeus is back with the Rasmussens and no doubt celebrating Christmas with their other dog Athena.

“We’re so honoured to be a part of his journey, and grateful for the volunteers nationwide who made this reunion possible,” Kanawha Charleston Humane Association shared on Facebook. “While Zeus’ journey is a heartwarming holiday story, it’s just a glimpse into what animal welfare organisations do 365 days per year, in order to save pets’ lives and reunite families. After all, it’s all for love.”

We hope that one day this incredible true story is turned into a tearjerking Christmas movie. In the meantime, consider donating this festive season to your local animal shelter or organisation that helps to protect pets like Zeus all around the world. 

Images: Unsplash

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