Kamala Harris’ nieces are genuinely the best thing on Instagram

We’re obsessed with Meena Harris’ Instagram feed, and how proud her daughters are of their “Auntie Kamala”.

Kamala Harris – aka the USA’s new vice president-elect – hails from a family of brilliant, brilliant, brilliant women.

Her mother, Shyamala, refused an arranged marriage in favour of her studies and career as a breast cancer researcher.

“Shyamala Harris was no more than five feet tall, but if you ever met her you would think she was seven feet tall,” Kamala said of her mother in an Instagram post.

“She had such spirit and tenacity and I’m thankful every day to have been raised by her.”

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Sadly, Shyamala passed away in 2009 due to colon cancer. Thankfully, though, Kamala has still had a wealth of support in the form of her little sister, Maya.

The lawyer and political analyst, as many will no doubt be aware, famously served as an advisor during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run. And, when Kamala launched her own presidential campaign in 2019, Maya naturally stepped into the role of her sister’s campaign chairwoman. 

“I think most people who know Maya will tell you she’s one of the smartest people they know,” Kamala recently told Politico.

“The fact that she has volunteered to work on this campaign at such a high level and she’s exactly who she’s always been – she works around the clock and she’s probably the hardest, if not one of the hardest working people on the campaign – I feel very blessed.”

Meanwhile, Maya’s daughter (and Kamala’s niece), Meena – aka the lawyer, children’s book author, and founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign – has made a point of dedicating her own Instagram feed to “Auntie Kamala” and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign over the past few months.

And, as a result of this, Meena’s two young daughters (aka Kamala’s great-nieces) have quickly become stars in their own right.

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Why? Because these little girls are every bit as ambitious and empowered as the other phenomenal women in their family – and watching Kamala’s victory through their eyes has proven an emotional ride.

Here are just some of our favourite moments from the feed so far…

  • Flying into Delaware

    “Someone is very excited to visit Delaware for the first time and talk to Joe Biden about ice cream.”

  • Reunited

    “They haven’t seen her in person since last year.”

  • All dressed in white

    “Ready to make history!”

  • An emotional heart-to-heart

    “This conversation went on for like an hour.”

  • On the path to victory

    “These girls are in heaven. I’m so grateful they get to experience this moment.”

  • A historical moment


  • Time to celebrate


  • Meeting Joe Biden

    “She’s been talking about this moment nonstop for WEEKS, and it finally happened.”

  • Dedicated to the cause

    “Felt like a good day to wear these new Ambitious hoodies.”

All hail the incredible Harris family!

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