Netflix's 13 Reasons Why star opens up about past life as a high-school bully

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As classmate by classmate were picked apart for their bad behaviour in 13 Reasons Why, we were thankful that Tony existed as a moral compass during the darker reveals. 

But as we all know, life can throw up more difficulties than even the most fraught depictions showcased in a TV show. 

That's why actor Christian Navarro, who played the show’s nice guy, decided to open up about how his darker past as a bully taught him the value of empathy.

"I'm gonna give you the scoop, all right," said Navarro in an interview with PopSugar.

"It's no secret now, especially in light of the MTV Movie and TV Awards, that I'm not the tallest guy. So growing up, I was bullied. In middle school I was bullied. But I learned pretty quickly that, if you bully, you don't get bullied. So I was a bully in middle school. But then I got to high school and cut all that nonsense out,” he added.

Navarro, deeply regretful of his behaviour, said that he learnt pretty quickly that “if you’re a jerk, people don’t like you.”

"People didn't like me. Right? If you're a jerk, people don't like you. We all want to belong to a community, so I figured the best way to do that was to stop being a jerk,” he said.

Luckily, the actor has come through the other side and learnt the error of his ways.

“Be nice, start listening to people, be empathetic. It's worked out for me,” he advises.

The show, which has sparked controversy for its vivid depiction of protagonist Hannah’s suicide, let Netflix to add “additional advisories” to the show for those viewers who may find the programme gratuitous and triggering.

13 Reasons Why will also return for a second season, which will see the entire cast  — including Hannah — return for the series, which will be released in 2018.

As well as bringing Hannah justice, Navarro hopes that the show will bring retribution for character Jessica, who was raped by classmate Bryce in the first series.

“Season two, I think we'll see a little more exploration of the other characters' perspectives of these events (from season one) and then the ongoing events. The trial. I think it will have a lot to do with retribution,

And justice is really the word that everyone keeps throwing out there. Justice for Jessica, because I think that would be a shame if we didn't tie that up somehow.”

We, for one, are glad that Navarro has honestly opened up about the consequences of his actions.

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