4 inspiring women pushing boundaries that you should know about

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Meet the women questioning the status quo…

Whether you were always first picked when it came to team sports in school, or you were more the type to forge sick notes to get out P.E, it’s hard not to be impressed when you see women killing it in the sporting world.

As well as their physical accomplishments, the amount of determination, focus and motivation it takes to be at the top of your game is something we can all be inspired by.

Or for the more creative among us, maybe it’s women pushing boundaries in art and culture that motivate you to push forward with your own goals.

Whatever your interests, be it art, sport or something in between, The North Face is shining a light on a selection of incredible women as part of their latest campaign.

Here’s what they’re doing to inspire us…

  • 1. In the art world

    Miramar Muhd is an Amman-based Iraqi artist and activist who uses her art as a way to give other people voices.

    While you can’t walk more than a few feet in somewhere like Shoreditch without coming across a street art mural, in Jordan it is still rare, and rarer still for it to be created by a woman.

    Miramar is self-taught, and started creating art on cityscapes after feeling a need to create pieces that were bigger than the canvas artworks she was creating in her studio.

    Her depictions of various faces are a way of tapping into the social causes she cares about and sensitivity of people.

    “On top of the mountain the wind is wild, yet women are standing in unity with determination on their faces through all the challenges throughout history,” she says. 

    Who can argue with that philosophy?

  • 2. Breaking climbing stereotypes

    Climbing is one of those activities you think you’d ace until you actually step foot on a climbing wall and realise the sheer strength involved.

    Having found a love for climbing from the age of six when she’d practise on Rat Rock in New York’s Central Park, Manhattan climber Ashima Shiraishi is breaking the mould.

    Now aged just nineteen, she’s already being touted as the first climber whose accomplishments may transcend gender, as well as the first rock climber who could become a household name.

    “While climbing alone certainly has its own element of intimacy, l also love the collective energy that climbers give/feed off when cheering on each other’s projects,” she explains.

    Ashima has smashed records for both her age and her gender, and now has sights on taking her climbing to the Olympics.

    Which way to the climbing wall?

  • 3. Striving for human rights

    When you think of a human rights lawyer, you likely think of someone confined to the court chambers, working long hours to liberate people.

    Human rights lawyer and women’s rights advocate Stephanie Case’s work has taken her everywhere from the UN in Afghanistan to the International Rescue Committee in South Sudan and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Gaza, Palestine.

    As well as her humanitarian work, Stephanie is a keen runner and has founded charity Free to Run, which brings sports to women in conflict zones.

    Case in point is the story of Nelofar and Zainab, two Afghan women who finished a 155-mile stage race through the Gobi Desert with the support of Free to Run.

  • 4. Giving running a cause

    Ok, so not really one inspiring woman but rather a collective of inspiring women.

    The She Runs It collective was founded in London back in 2014 by Tasha Keating and is all about empowering, celebrating and lifting women up through the medium of fitness.

    The group runs regular fitness and wellness workshops as well as going into schools for enrichment classes, all with the vision of encouraging women to break through their physical and mental barriers and keep on going.

    You don’t have to be a record-breaking runner to join them, either. 

    She Runs It’s philosophy is about celebrating your own journey and getting back into nature, whatever your story.

The North Face are celebrating women who move mountains with their latest campaign. Find out more here.