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Watch Adam Kay talk about his new book Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas at Stylist Live LUXE

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The brilliant author of This Is Going To Hurt: Secret Diaries Of A Junior Doctor will be joining us on our Stylist Live LUXE stage this year to talk about his books, and here are the reasons why we love him.

Usually we assume that people can either be ‘science people’ or ‘arty people’. But doctor-turned-comic-cum-writer Adam Kay is the proof that some people really can just do it all.

Kay began his career as a junior doctor in the NHS, but it wasn’t until after he quit and subsequently released his 2017 memoir, that the world picked up on his brilliance. It was his debut book, This Is Going To Hurt, that propelled him into our consciousness, sharing diary extracts from his time working in the NHS. From things in crevices where they definitely don’t belong to emotional stories of life and loss, he made us fall more and more in love with our health system – and him. His new book, Twas The Night Shift Before Christmas, details even more juicy stories from Kay’s years working in hospitals during the festive period.

But if two books and his hilarious Twitter account isn’t enough Kay content, you’ll be delighted to know he’s coming to Stylist Live Luxe on 8 November. The Best Medicine will feature our favourite bits from his books alongside original stand-up for a hilarious show.

Here are five reasons why we love Adam Kay:

  • 1. He's beyond hilarious

    I mean, he is painfully funny and sails so close to the wind with his jokes making you hilariously uncomfortable. 

    With such incredible television writing credits including Crims, Mrs. Brown’s Boys and Mitchell and Webb,  Adam will be sure to have us all in stitches – but patch them all up shortly after.

  • 2. He is the author of one of the best books ever

    Adam Kay is author of . bestselling memoir This Is Going To Hurt

    This Is Going To Hurt is one of the best books ever. It is an honest and engaging book, but mostly a hilarious one. 

    His ability to use humour to illustrate his past experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – makes it an incredible, un-put-downable read!

  • 3. He is a champion of women's health

    Adam Kay This Is Going To Hurt author
    Adam Kay will be talking about his new book Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas at Stylist Live Luxe

    He knows more about the female anatomy and its workings than any of us. 

    This is shown through his television work as a writer and script editor behind Up The Woman and his honest thoughts in his book surrounding childbirth.

  • 4. His analogies are the greatest

    Adam Kay: comedian and author used to be a doctor in 'brats and twats'
    Adam Kay: comedian and author used to be a doctor in 'brats and twats'

    To help patients understand how the pelvic floor works he tells them to “imagine you’re in a bath full of eels and you don’t want one getting in”. 

    A refreshing and interesting analogy, which is why we love him.

  • 5. His huge heart and compassion for patients

    Adam Kay in santa hat
    Adam Kay: Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas

    His incredible compassion and dedication to his patients when he was a doctor made their lives a priority over his own. 

    Frankly describing in his book that ‘a great doctor must have a huge heart and a distended aorta through which pumps a vast lake of compassion and human kindness.’

To come and join Adam Kay and other incredible speakers go to to book your tickets to Stylist Live Luxe, our festival of inspiration on 8,9,10 Nov.

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