From January Jones’ beauty regime to Emma Roberts’ book club: the week’s best A-list Instagrams

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Emma Roberts takes her love of literature to the next level with her very own book club, January Jones gets stuck in to beauty’s latest trend, and Reese Witherspoon celebrates her birthday in style.

Meanwhile, stars – including Adele and Naomi Campbell – rally support to help end the water crisis.

Come dive into all the action, right here.

  • Lena Dunham find her 'rebellious' streak

    My friend @piaarrobio is the punkest diva in the game. She defies all fashion industry protocol by being equally obsessed with couture & large portions of pasta. She curses like a sailor and loves other women fiercely. Once I was sad and she texted "fuck ittt eat bread drink champagne LIVE!" Her designs make me feel like the raging teen smoking spliffs on the Brooklyn Bridge I never was and always hoped to be. So proud of her bejeweled collaboration with @erinwasson for @lpathelabel and I'll be wearing these with a spirit of defiance


  • Heidi Klum's glam squad get to work

    Getting ready for more @agtauditions tonight. 


  • Beyoncé makes a surprise call to a fan

    #Beyoncé made a Houston teenage cancer patient’s dream come true!  "I love you," the Grammy winner told Ebony Banks during their FaceTime conversation.  More details from this sweet story in bio link. |: Ebony Banks/Snapchat


  • ... while the birthday girl's feeling the love

    Feeling so much birthday love today! Thank you!!! I am one lucky gal (Even @draperjamesmade me my own dress!)


  • Pink finds a failsafe cure

    I mean, come ON (how can you have a bad day when you dress like rainbow bright?) #wheredidiputmyrollerskates 
    #bubblegum  #everythingsgoingreallywell 
    #delirium #nosleepforthewicked 


  • Kim Kardashian throws it back



  • Chrissy Teigen hangs with her girl

    Last day. My love. 


  • Emma Roberts announces her new book club

    Good morning I'm so excited to finally share @belletrist with you! You guys know I love to read  I'm constantly posting what I'm reading and wanting to know what you're reading! So @kpreiss and I thought why not start a #bookclub where we can all read and discuss together in one place? Come read with us @belletrist #belletristbabe  more surprises to come…


  • Rebel Wilson inspects the prize pooch

    TBT: Mum's been going through the photo albums and found this little beauty x #dogshowing


  • Lily Aldridge soaks up the sun

    Turks & Caicos  #Thankful


  • Lea Michele gets her scream on with Emma Roberts

    My beautiful and talented best friend started an amazing book club @belletrist  follow them! Emma always knows the best books now I have to start reading more!  Love you Em!


  • Naomi Campbell supports World Water Day

    No one should be without clean water #W4Water @drop4drop


  • Poppy Delevingne takes a stand

    A staggering 663 million people in the world don't have access to safe water... 
    WE NEED TO ACT NOW @drop4drop Link to donate in BIO 
    Share your 'W' pics & help spread the word this #WorldWaterDay



  • Adele rallies support

    #W4Water 1.5 million children die every year due to water related diseases. Pls support @drop4drop with their mission to end the water crisis 


  • Rita Ora goes for gold

  • Selma Blair gets the important jobs done

    Coffee. But first... a selfie. Good morning. Early call. I am good. Here I go. Ok. Yup. Work. Happy to be here.


  • Mahershala Ali's got his baby girl's back

    Bari x Abu


  • Chrissy Teigen rides in style


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