Adele hugs Grenfell Tower residents in emotional visit to blaze site

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Anna Brech
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She’s a born and bred Londoner, so it’s little surprise that Adele feels a strong emotional connection to those affected by the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower this week.

The Grammy award-winning singer last night put in an unscheduled appearance at the site of the blaze which left 12 people dead and scores more in hospital and homeless.

The 29-year-old was accompanied by her husband Simon Konecki and was dressed in a black abaya; a simple, robe-like dress worn by some women in Muslim communities. 

True to form, she kept a low profile on the visit and eyewitnesses on the scene described her as emotional.

“Adele was going around and hugging everyone she could to comfort them,” a fan on Twitter claimed.

The star’s impromptu visit took many by surprise and it was only revealed after one woman posted photos to social media:

At least 12 people died and 75 are being treated in hospital after a fire swept through the 24-storey Grenfell Tower near Notting Hill in the early hours of yesterday morning. 

Authorities have warned that this toll will likely rise as they continue to search the building. Residents of the tower block raised concerns about fire safety on multiple occasions before the blaze broke out, and questions are now being asked about why their warnings went unheeded.

The local community has scrambled to support hundreds of residents left homeless by the disaster. Makeshift relief centres have been set up in nearby leisure centres, churches and mosques.

These venues have been inundated with donations of clothes, food, toys and toiletries as Londoners rush to lend their support.

Various Crowdfunding pages have already raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to support those affected by the blaze. 

Adele was born and raised in Tottenham, north London. Her single mother worked a number of different jobs to support her, after Adele’s estranged dad left the family.  He was, by his own admission, “a rotten father”.

“I'm not sure if I'll ever not feel a bit overwhelmed when I go to places where there are loads of stars,” she once told Rolling Stone.

“I always feel like I'm gonna get thrown out. Or it's going to turn out to be some, like, hidden-camera show. Like someone's gonna send me back to Tottenham.”

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